The Embassy Employs modo for New GMC Yukon Robot Spot

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San Mateo, Calif. -- Nov. 6, 2006 -- Luxology® LLC, an independent technology company developing next-generation 3D content creation software, today announced that modo™ was used by Vancouver-based visual effects company, The Embassy, for the new GMC Yukon spot, “Respect.” Praised for its speed, stability and pipeline compatibility, modo was used extensively throughout the commercial‘s production. “Respect” is airing in Europe and the Middle East, and portrays two inquisitive robots as they explore and marvel at the GMC Yukon‘s impressive new features.

The Embassy initially used modo to model props for pre-visualization and to create a virtual set that was used as a reference for constructing the actual set in Dubai. Paul Copeland, lead modeler, used modo to define the initial shape and character of the robot. Using modo and other 3D applications, The Embassy team made dozens of revisions to the individual robot components to transform it into an intriguing character with personality.

“The design of the robot was very important and we needed a tool that would allow us to make fast and timely revisions based on the director‘s feedback,” said Tristam Gieni, visual effects supervisor. “Using modo I was able to quickly assemble, tweak and render beautiful stills that I could present to the director on a daily basis. Running modo on my Macbook Pro I could show updated builds of the robot, zoom in on the robot‘s fine details or quickly render various details for the director‘s review and critique.”

modo‘s ability and accuracy to handle exported builds from the various 3D packages was also essential during the R&D process, which required that The Embassy maintain both high-resolution and low-resolution versions of the robot that could be used to create a motion capture and key-frame friendly rig for the robot and setting up final renders for output via Lightwave 3D.

“modo is a joy to use, and it addresses a lot of shortcomings we have experienced with other software,” continues Gieni. “We‘ve been using modo at The Embassy for some time, and as the application evolves both in features and workflow, it is becoming increasingly relevant to our methodology.”

The Embassy‘s Tristam Gieni served as visual effects supervisor, collaborating with the creative teams at Leo Burnett, Dubai, Spy Films Inc. and The Talkies, to create the CGI robots and GMC Yukon. The :45 GMC Yukon spot was directed by Trevor Cawood for Leo Burnett, Dubai and produced by Spy Films Inc. and The Talkies. The music house was Grayson/Matthews. The GMC Yukon spot is currently airing in Europe and the Middle East, and can be viewed online at

. Still images from the project are posted on Luxology‘s website at


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Founded in 2002 in Vancouver, Canada, The Embassy Visual Effects Inc. was formed by award-winning digital artists. The Embassy team has worked on a variety of visual effects projects with production companies in the United States, Europe and Asia. For more information visit the company‘s website at


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