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Electrosonic Expands Design Consulting Business with New Hires, Additional Services and Offices in Las Vegas and New Orleans

Electrosonic Design Consulting is on an expansion path with new executive appointments, the addition of three disciplines to its portfolio of services, and two new offices in the US.

Electrosonic Design Consulting is on an expansion path with new executive appointments, the addition of three disciplines to its portfolio of services, and two new offices in the US.

Design Consulting is the business unit of Electrosonic dedicated to forming collaborative creative partnerships with clients and to provide innovative technology solutions across a wide range of global markets. 

“Ideally, Design Consulting has a seat at the table when a concept is being developed,” says Steven Fisher, the newly appointed Vice President of Electrosonic Design Consulting.  “Technology is no longer an amenity, but an expectation that has become an integral part of the client experience. People want to be connected and with so many emerging technologies to choose from, we are a technology partner who guides the convergence of technology systems for our client’s projects.  Engaging a technology consultant early in the design process is critical to the success of a project, from themed entertainment to integrated resorts to museums and airports.  We want to be the first handshake in what will become a long-term Electrosonic relationship.”

To better serve our clients, Design Consulting has added three new disciplines to its traditional AV design business: ICT, SSA and Acoustics.  “We have listened to our clients and we are evolving as a business to meet their needs in the ever-changing climate of the technology industry,” says Fisher.

ICT (Information and Communications Technology) is the central nervous system of a project or property and the very foundation that supports all technology systems.  It is the physical layer, passive network cabling infrastructure that supports active network systems such as IT, Wi-Fi, DAS, audiovisual, control systems, iPTV, security, surveillance, access control, and building management systems.

SSA (Security, Surveillance and Access Control systems) supports the protection of people, property and places and provides safe environments for people to live, work and play.

Architectural acoustics maximize the functionality and experience of a system or physical space.  “It’s what brings everything in the space or environment together and is crucial to ensuring that the message and the story created can be heard,” says Rob Pourciau, the recently named Director of Design Consulting – Audiovisual.

“Design Consulting’s expanded disciplines offer a more holistic solution to projects,” notes Pourciau.  “As we all know, the world is becoming more and more connected.  Our Design Consulting team now supports our customers by providing complete, converged solutions through our network infrastructure, security, and acoustical design along with our existing audiovisual expertise.”

Fisher and Pourciau, New Orleans natives who have known each other for over 20 years, are uniquely qualified to lead Electrosonic Design Consulting through a new period of growth and expansion.

Fisher, a former recording artist and professional touring musician, has worked in the technology industry for 28 years.  He began in the telecommunications industry where he launched a startup technology division at an electrical contracting firm in New Orleans, with Pourciau.  It was there that he and Pourciau first worked with Electrosonic on the 4D theater experience, “Beyond All Boundaries,” at The National WWII Museum.  Over the last decade, Fisher has led the delivery of large scale, international design consulting projects. 

Pourciau also spent his early career as a professional touring musician and became fascinated with the sonic impact that sound has on the overall audience experience.  For the past 20 years, he has consulted for both architectural acoustics and complex sound reinforcement design for projects around the world.  He has also been a featured speaker at the Asia Theme Park and Attractions Summit and on various other TEA Education panels. 

To better accommodate clients coast to coast, Design Consulting has opened new offices in New Orleans and Las Vegas.  “Both cities have large and expanding markets for Design Consulting’s services with a wealth of technical talent,” says Pourciau.  “Las Vegas and its integrated resorts span entertainment, gaming, hospitality, retail, food and beverage, and themed retail experiences.  New Orleans is strong in sports venues, performing arts, convention and meeting spaces, and attractions like The National WWII Museum.  These are all growth markets for Electrosonic Design Consulting.” 

“We have not only expanded our geographical reach but have also added talent in these cities to support our clients,” adds Fisher.  “I am honored to join the Electrosonic team of world class audiovisual technologist and I look forward to leading the expansion of our design consulting services. There are great things ahead for our business, our team and, most importantly, our clients.”

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