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Editor Diego Panich Cuts A Surreal Spot Featuring Supermodel Kate Moss And A Giant Tap-Dancing Rabbit In A Bizarre Romantic Scenario For The Fashion-Forward Clothier, Basement


editor Diego Panich was tasked with creating an offbeat, surreal spot entitled


featuring supermodel Kate Moss dancing seductively for her unlikely romantic interest, a tap-dancing giant rabbit man. The :60 commercial hearlding the launch of the ‘Dream Collection’ for the fashion-forward international clothier, Basement, presents a captivating, yet unfathomable scenario that connects to its youthful international audience – and is quickly becoming a You Tube favorite. The award-winning cutter, represented exclusively by Wild(child) Editorial/NY in the Northeast, Midwest and West Coast, collaborated closely with acclaimed film and commercial director Martin Romanella on the high-profile spot.

“I was thrilled to have the opportunity work on a campaign for a brand that is known for its untraditional approach to advertising,” notes Panich, who cut the spot on Final Cut Pro. “Basement has an image that reflects an irreverent aesthetic inspired by the connection between fashion and modern culture, art and film – and they were committed to creating a commercial that was an extension of this philosophy. As an editor, collaborating on a project that defies traditional advertising trends is not only exciting, but also brings a fresh perspective to my other work.”

“Romanella, a multi award-winning international director, shot the spot on 35mm to create a filmic style

that plays more like a mini-movie than an ad. The commercial was shot on location in London in a high-end, modern, stark white loft with floor to ceiling windows, which were used to frame effects-driven exterior shots of the city that appear with a skewed perspective that adds to the dream-like feel.

Diego was provided with an abundance of stunning footage of Katie dancing seductively for the hybrid creature who has a huge rabbit head, but appeared to be a well-tailor normal man from the neck down.

“The agency and client wanted to create an offbeat spot that that would captivate young audiences,” say Panich. “ As the editor the challenge was to create the right balance between the allure of this beautiful pop icon supermodel, the surreal Rabbit who is the object of her affections and the wacko scenario that is playing out – while still keeping the viewer focused on the product, Basement’s 2011 autumn/winter line of women’s fashion.”

Panich took his cues from the upbeat tempo and lyrics of the spot’s haunting track, a cover of Brenda Lee’s 1950’s hit, “Sweet Nothin’s.” The retro music reinforces the strange cadence of the commercial and provided the editor with an element to anchor the story to. The editing retains its wackiness, yet gives it a cohesiveness that provides the impossible storyline with the form and structure needed to bring home the client’s message. Romanella created most of the effects in the camera, shooting a number of scenes in film and them rewinding the film and shooting another layer of images over it to create the desired visuals.

Diego devised a split screen effect at the beginning of the commercial that juxtaposes the interior shot of Moss at the window with an exterior shot of a building seen rising as it rotates, creating an altered perspective.

The spot opens with an arial shot of surrounding building that pulls back to reveal Moss looking out over the city while ‘Rabbit’ reads a newspaper. The upbeat rendition of ‘Sweet Nothin’ begins to play, prompting her love-interest to break into a fast-paced tap dance. Kate begins to dance seductively, playfully putting her hands above her head and wiggling them like rabbit ears.

After trying to entice the Rabbit with her provocative dance moves Moss changes her strategy, and offers

him a bunch of carrots. The Rabbit accepts the gift and in return present her with a stunning little dress fringed in feathers from Basement’s ‘Dream Collection.

Just as Moss is about to thank him with a kiss, the spot cuts to alarm clocks ringing and we see in her

wake up in bed, leading the viewer to believe it was all a dream. However, when she awakens to find that she is wearing the dress that the rabbit gave her – and is surrounded by dozens of little bunnies – it leaves some room for doubt.

About Diego Panich:
Editor Diego Panich is currently wrapping a second spot for Basement featuring music icon Lenny Kravitz. His credits include ‘Nike Surgery, which garnered a Bronze Clio in 2008, and ‘Father + Daughter’ for MTV, which was awarded the Cannes Silver Lion. Most recently Panich lent his talents to Lipton Ice Tea’s newest global spot, ‘Join The Dance,’ featuring actor Hugh Jackman – and a cast of 150 – directed by Luciano Podcaminsky out of @Radical/Stink, NY.

About Wild(child) Editorial + Resident Creative Studio:

Wild(child) Editorial

and its sister company Resident Creative Studio have created an open-architecture collaborative environment with a passionate collective of accomplished editors, FX artists, animators, directors, creative directors, and producers. Their shared creative vision provides a seamless concept-through-completion approach to commercials, promos, graphic packages, broadcast programming, music videos and filmmaking – all under one roof. Wild(child) and Resident co-habit the entire floor of a building in the Flatiron district, where an expansive, stunning loft-like space offers over-the-top client services and amenities in a diverse, state-of-the art environment. Recent work includes spots for Nike, Verizon, Givenchy, Candies, Time Warner, Frontier Airlines, P&G, Heineken, USA Network, as well feature films, such as Al Pacino’s acclaimed documentary, Wilde Salome, which earned him the Glory Award at the Venice Film Festival and the feature film City Island, starring Andy Garcia which won the Tribeca Audience Award. To view Wild(child) Editorial’s work, contact executive producer Elissa Muddell at 212.725.5333 or visit,


Title: “Rabbit”
Client: Basement

Product: Autumn/Winter Line “2011 Dream Collection”
Spot: :60 Second Spot

Talent: Supermodel, Kate Moss
Dancer/ Rabbit: Luke Fetherston (of Billy Elliot fame)

Agency: Dittborn & Unzueta Terna

Production Company: Argentina Cine
Director: Martin Romanella

Editor: Diego Panich/
Wild(child) Editorial (NY, Midwest, LA)

Music: ‘Sweet Nothin’ (Lyrics by Brenda Lee)