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DVC presents Boxxster at NAB Bavarian Pavilion, Central Hall, MikroM Booth C10919D

At Bavarian Pavilion, MikroM / DVC will showcase Boxxster as uncompressed disk recorder and encoding station for MPEG-2 and JPEG2000. Boxxster can record and playback all popular HD, SD and DCI formats and is therefore the ideal ingest box for highest quality encoding applications.
By using the latest 2.5 inch hard disk technology, Boxxster has a very compact design as well as being low noise with very low power consumption. Boxxster is going green and is DVC’s first step to green technology video servers and players.

Like all ClipRecorders from DVC, one of the significant advantages is that Boxxster is based on the QuickClip software platform, which guarantees 100% VTR emulation. Therefore Boxxster can be controlled like a professional video recorder by RS.422 Sony 9-pin protocol. Additionally Boxxster also supports the clip-based protocols Louth / VDCP and Odetics and can be controlled frame-accurately by current ShowControl and animation systems.
Boxxster also combines all important disk recorder functions, including playlist, loop-mode, clip management and batch-recording. Via a Java or HTTP user interface Boxxster can be operated over IP by remote control. With the included SyncControl software several Boxxsters can be frame-accurately synchronized for multichannel record and playback.
As Boxxster stores image data in regular file formats on a standard NTFS disk volume, direct access to this image data via Gigabit Ethernet is possible and files can be directly saved to the disk array of Boxxster.
With the File Import Manager all popular compressed and uncompressed video and audio file formats can easily be imported.
In addition to SD/HD-SDI I/O Boxxster also possesses analogue video and audio interfaces. For this reason Boxxster is a low-cost replacement for HD video recorders and also a universal player / remote replay machine for HD and 2k presentations.
Boxxster can be delivered with 480, 720 or 1200 GB of storage. This equates to approximately 72, 108 and 180 minutes of uncompressed 1080i HD material.

Boxxster is the perfect recorder & player for single-link SD, HD and 2k applications, especially when compact design, portability and power saving are top priorities.

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See it at Bavarian Pavilion, Central Hall, MikroM Booth C10919D!

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