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“Duck”, “Duck”, “Duck”, Post!

Santa Monica, CA – (October 9, 2006) – HD Pictures & Post Inc., a post facility that produces perfection in both High Definition and Digital Intermediate work, recently constructed a trailer for the art house feature film, Duck, due in theaters this fall. This feature is a heartfelt story that involves a voyage between an elderly man (Philip Baker Hall) and a duck, in search for the meaning of life, whose lives parallel while being abruptly displaced from their home.

The film‘s creator, Nic Bettauer, presented to the staff of HD Pictures & Post with only a web resolution QuickTime movie and a tight deadline. Brett Smith, a senior editor at the facility, rebuilt, re-cut, and then finished the trailer. HD Pictures & Post‘s CEO, Justin Bergeron, coordinated all the post work which included offline editing, audio mixing, HD & 2K finishing, D.I., and film-out using Avid‘s DS Nitris.

Keeping both cost and time in mind Justin said, “Our biggest challenge when creating the trailer was working in a resolution that would be easy to work with, maintain the maximum quality when going back to film and be cost effective, that‘s why we chose Sony‘s HDCAM SR 4:4:4. Since scanning the film would have been expensive and time-consuming we chose to do a flat telecine to SR, which let us have the entire film at our disposal. Once we finished the trailer we were able to use the DS Nitris to create the HD master and property formatted dpx sequences for both the 1.85 and scope negatives.”

Smith‘s innovative skills became prevalent when he used an artistic approach during his post work with the trailer. In order to keep an organic feeling Smith had a stroke of genius and used a grocery bag for the trailer‘s textured background. Smith found this project interesting stating, “The Nitris works in a proxy mode where you can render an image and it will play the shot back for you when working in a 2K sequence.” These types of capabilities gave Smith the ability to consider the trailer‘s presentation on television, HD, and theater screens.

In collaborating with HD Pictures & Post, Bettauer, Creator and Director of Duck, states, “We worked closely throughout the whole post process, expanding upon and exceeding our parts – exponentially. Visually, rhythmically, and tonally – Brett Smith intrinsically understood the look, pace, and vibe of Duck and was able to seamlessly translate his feel of my work to his own. The end results were positively matched throughout by the experience in working together. I love the trailer because it intrigues.”

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