DR Group Kicks Off Summer With $99/ Month Final Cut Pro Promotion

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LOS ANGELES (June 17, 2008) – In response a slumping economy that has spread to filmmakers, DR Group President Lowell Kay has recognized this downturn and responds by giving back to the post community that he’s served for years. Offering Final Cut Pro systems at one of the lowest rates to date, in 2008 The DR Group plans to further establish its roots as the number one option for all post-production needs. “We are fully committing to this offer to give back to the community that has continuously supported us throughout the years�, remarked DR Group President Lowell Kay. “We constantly receive requests to help streamline workflow, assist in the creative process and on many levels have become an authority on all things post related. Although this rate is a bit out of the ordinary, we hope it will show our dedication to filmmakers and the consistent concerns they have with regards to a more cost friendly alternative.� The DR Group $99 summer promotion consists of three options, which include: HD Final Cut Pro systems, Uncompressed HD 4:4:4 Final Cut Pro Systems and 12TB Shared storage with 4 Final Cut Pro systems. Those interested in the promotion should contact The DR Group at 888-FCP-SYS1 (888-327-7971). About The DR Group The DR Group is the entertainment industry’s total solution provider for Final Cut Pro products, editing services, support, training and facility planning. With over a decade of experience, the company is recognized as one of Hollywood’s top resources for post-production services and digital media solutions. The DR Group also manufactures the DRaid storage drive, a fast, low cost alternative to Xserve RAID. The DR Group is located near Culver City at 3640 Holdrege Ave., Los Angeles, CA. ###