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Double feature: New state-of-the-art production studio opens in South Carolina, announces major production for state’s film industry

Columbia, S.C., For immediate release –

Genesis Studios

officially opened its new state-of-the art, full service production facilities and announced that it will be the production site of “1.8 Days,� an independent feature film originating in South Carolina. The full-length horror feature will be produced by Movie Tao Productions and will be directed by Chuck Fallaw.

Genesis Studios, based on conversations with producers, announced a production budget of $13.5 million for “1.8 Days.� However, because Movie Tao is in the closing phase of project development, the bottom line will not be finalized until production begins.

Genesis Studios President Cliff Springs says, “We officially announced our opening with an event that is closest to our mission and our passion. We want to grow the film industry in South Carolina in a strategic and responsible way. We plan to create opportunities instead of waiting for them to come along. That means keeping a large budget film in the state, instituting a way to encourage and train production students and professionals, or creating original entertainment content.�

South Carolina Film Commissioner Jeff Monks attended the ribbon cutting and commented, “We’re excited Genesis is up and running. It will act as a calling card for us when we are recruiting TV, commercial production or feature films. It’s an important step forward and a great one for Columbia.�

In his speech to statewide press, Springs emphasized that the announcement is just a beginning, as is implied by the Genesis name. “Even today as tax incentives are being evaluated as a means to encourage filmmaking within South Carolina, I want to take this opportunity to stress that we in the industry have to do our part,� Springs said. “We support the incentives, but we also believe the true foundation of an ongoing, thriving film and entertainment industry in this state requires the development and production of quality projects by South Carolinians. This means a commitment to excellence and high production values.�

Marty Bluford of High Output, based in Charleston, South Carolina commented that he’s impressed with the new studios. “It’s a turnkey facility that can take a commercial production from storyboard through finished spot — all at the same location. I wish we had a facility to match it in Charleston!â€? High Output has supplied lighting and grip equipment to film and television productions in South Carolina since 1996, including: “Army Wives,â€? “The Strangers,â€? “The Notebook,â€? “Who’s Your Caddy,â€? and “The Patriot.â€?

The staff was eager to welcome their peers and the public to their new headquarters. Art Director Will Bryan explains, “We designed and we constructed much of what you’ll see. After each day of production, we’d spend more hours running cable, painting, installing monitors, or bolting down theater chairs. We customized features to our own specifications, and had some fun with design. We’re proud of this.�

“The key to this group and its synergy,� says Springs, “is that they are committed to creating production opportunities for – and in – South Carolina.�

Fallaw and producer Joshua Dease say they chose to work with Genesis Studios because of the experience and vision of Springs and his team. “Genesis is a fantastic asset for filmmakers right here at home who, up until now, have not had access to this kind of facility, and this facility is top-notch,â€? Fallaw says.

The film production will utilize Genesis Studio’s 15,000 square feet of space with:

ï‚· 70-foot x 60-foot main stage with lighting grid
ï‚· 18-foot x 22-foot chroma key insert stage
ï‚· Four editing workstations
ï‚· Two rentable post production suites
ï‚· Live-switch master control room
ï‚· ADR/Audio booth
ï‚· Digital projection theater with stadium seating and 7.1 surround sound
ï‚· Grip and lighting packages
ï‚· Camera and audio packages
ï‚· Make-up room and dressing rooms
ï‚· Production offices
ï‚· Reception and catering areas

Fallaw said, “As you know, we have recently had our fair share of Hollywood visitors
here in the Midlands, and I am sure that having a studio like Genesis’ is going to be instrumental in bringing even more.”

More announcements will be made about “1.8 Days� and its celebrity cast in the coming months.

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Genesis Studios/1.8 Days teaser