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Los Angeles, CA - (September 24, 2008) -- For the re-launch of Mazda 6, advertising agency Doner assembled a powerhouse of talent including director Sam Bayer and visual effects production company Zoic Studios. This heavy hitting team kicks off the dynamic campaign with a spot titled "Stadium." Set in a mythological future, "Stadium" begins with a shot of a vast and dramatic stadium rising from a dry landscape. Inside the arena, a teaming crowd waits with reverberating excitement. A young doe eyed boy looks out with anticipation hoping to catch a glimpse of the hero while the Empress calmly presides over the dramatic presentation unfolding in the arena below. The crowd begins to pound their fists in a rhythmic call until the gate slowly lifts to reveal a sleek, black Mazda 6. The crowd falls silent, awestruck by the magnificent machine before them.

To produce this dramatic unveiling, Zoic Studios worked closely with Director Sam Bayer and Production Designer Jan Roelfs, whose two time Oscar nominated work includes Oliver Stone's Alexander. Associate Creative Director/Visual Effects Supervisor John Shirley was on set to supervise the filming of the 30-foot section of the coliseum that was built as a practical set piece. This was the only part of the stadium that was not computer generated and would act as the visual foundation that Zoic would build an entire world around. Over the course of six weeks, Zoic built the complete stadium, populated it with an animated crowd and added complex reflections to the hero car using a combination of flame, After Effects, Combustion, Maya and Lightwave. "Sam is so experienced and comfortable with his craft that it makes him an incredible person to collaborate with," comments Zoic's John Shirley. "He was open to our ideas and encouraged a fluid dialogue throughout. We were excited to have the opportunity to work with him and the agency team on such an important campaign." The campaign also includes additional spots that showcase the vehicle's construction and are set to signature tempos. "Zoom Zoom, Forever" is the anthem tagline that concludes them all. Client: Mazda North American Operations Air Date: September 2008 Titles: "Stadium" :30/:60, "Factory" 1 x :30 and "Pulse" 1 x :30 Advertising Agency: Doner CCO: Rob Strasberg ECD: Tom Gianfagna CD: Craig Piechura Producer: Kurt Kulas Production Company: HSI , Culver City , CA Director/DP: Samuel Bayer Executive Producer: Rebecca Skinner (LA) Maddi Carlton (NY) Production Coordinator: Ryan Darst Visual Effects Production: Zoic Studios Executive Producer: Steve Schofield Creative Director: Chris Jones Associate Creative Director/Flame Artist: John Shirley CG Supervisor: Michael Cliett Producer: Maya Sanchez Bidding Producer: Lisa Pierce Coordinator: Adam Reeb Editorial Company: Spotwelders, Venice, CA Editor: Robert Duffy Executive Producer: David Glean Telecine Company: Company 3, Santa Monica, CA Colorist: Stefan Sonnenfeld Sound Design: Spotwelders, Venice



IHSE Introduces a Two-Port KVM Switching Solution for HDMI 481 Series

Addressing market demand for increased security conditions when connecting multiple computers to a single workstation area, IHSE now offers a compact two-port KVM switching solution for extended-distance connections between computer sources and user stations. The new 2x1 system makes is possible to leverage multiple computers or servers at one desk by utilizing a single keyboard, mouse, and display. Thanks to the company's award-winning Draco vario 481 series extenders for HDMI, signals can be shared across long distances over a single fiber or Cat-X connection with perfect video quality and zero mouse latency. This new two-port package from IHSE offers convenience, enhanced security, and performance superior to that afforded by fixed-box solutions.


Square Box Systems at the 2018 NAB Show New York

In Booth N557 at the 2018 NAB Show New York, Square Box Systems will demonstrate why its flagship CatDV remains on the cutting edge of media asset management (MAM). CatDV brings new levels of collaboration and empowerment to small-, medium-, and large-scale enterprises around the world, enabling them to manage, repurpose, and monetize millions of assets with ease and efficiency.