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Spellbound’s Sean Welch, Anonymous’ Mac Carter & rival’s Karen Knowles Zuniga Team on Unique Short

Los Angeles, CA – (July 9, 2007) — Over the next year audiences around the world will delight in “Dave,” a quirky Los Angeleno who cares deeply about the environment. From commercial director Mac Carter, Producer Sean Welch (Spellbound, Rocket Science) and award-winning editor Karen Knowles Zuniga comes a short film about one ordinary guy’s extraordinary effort to make a difference in global warming. Commissioned for the Live Earth SOS integrated media campaign on environmental action (

) this lighthearted and charming film follows Dave and his dogs as they tour

Los Angeles Asian food restaurants in search of waste vegetable oil to turn into biodiesel. The film will screen at various film festivals, in theaters, on broadcast television, and during the global Live Earth concerts. People can also connect with Dave via his MySpace page:

The film opens with footage from a White House briefing where US Press Secretary Ari Fleischer is asked if the President believes Americans should correct our lifestyles to help counter global

warming. He answers with an emphatic, “That’s A Big No.” Cut to Dave who travels with his trusted dogs, Winston and Phoebe, in a 1980’s vintage diesel Mercedes collecting used restaurant fry oil to convert

into biodiesel. His goal: to help the environment, one lunch special at a time.

“So often films associated with the environmental movement can be a gloomy recitation of the facts,” says director Mac Carter, “Sean and I wanted to find a story that would entertain while raising awareness

of global warming. We wanted to participate in this project because it is important to get the message out to the largest possible audience to effect real and significant change; global warming is here and we need to do something now.”

“Our intention was to create a solution-based film,” agrees Sean Welch, “one that people could connect with on an emotional and practical level. Dave is so smart and gentle in his approach that his ideas resonate with people long after they’ve watched the film – he’s charming his audiences into global warming awareness.”

Carter and Welch approached longtime friend Karen Knowles Zuniga of rival to edit the project from 20 hours of footage to the final 8 minute film. “We have collaborated with Karen many times on commercials and she has the innate ability to mine the best moments to help take audiences on a narrative journey…in this case with Dave,” says director Carter.

“At the center of the story is how an average person can make a difference in the global warming of our planet by making informed environmental choices,” relates Editor Karen Knowles Zuniga. “Who Dave is and what he is doing is completely inspiring and refreshing and, at the same time, this is a fun little film that takes you on

humorous ride through Los Angeles’ Thai town. While working on the project, I was continuously entertained by the footage of Dave, his dogs and his biodiesel sedan — which ultimately became the fourth character in the film. Between them, I was drawn into their world, and came out the other side smiling and wanting to make a difference.”

Founded by Kevin Wall and Al Gore, Live Earth’s mission is to empower individuals to change their consumer behaviors and motivate corporations and political leaders to enact decisive measures to combat the climate crisis. The message of SOS is that everyone everywhere can and must Answer the Call to solve the climate crisis.

The SOS campaign is using a powerful multimedia platform – short films, television and radio PSAs, an interactive web experience, books, and the Live Earth concerts — to provide a global audience with the tools to tackle the climate crisis.

Dave is just one voice, but surrounding Dave are the men and women who created the film and the audiences he will visit over the coming year.

“Dave”(TRT: 8 mins.)

Featuring: David Gruenberg, Amory Lovins, Ari Fleischer, Winston and Phoebe the dogs

Client: Live Earth

Kit Hawkins – Executive Producer

Dilly Gent – Executive Producer

Production Company: Anonymous Content, Culver City, CA

Mac Carter – Director

Sean Welch – Producer

Cassie Hulen – Executive Producer

SueEllen Clair – Head of Production

Molly Bohas – Associate Producer

Hiko Mitsuzuka – Assistant to Ms. Hulen

Editorial Company: rival editorial, Santa Monica, CA

Karen Knowles Zuniga – Editor

Sophie Kornberg – Assistant Editor

Bill Fortney – Executive Producer

Composer: Eef Barzelay

Sound Design: Peter Brown

Title Design: Subtext Studio

Ken Brady – Creative Director

Felix Kawamura – Designer/Animator

Kirk Cameron – Executive Producer

Post: The Syndicate

Marshall Plante – Colorist

Kevin McDonald – Online

Mix: Eleven Studios

Jeff Fuller – Mixer

DJ Fox-Engstrom – Executive Producer