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disguise and Evolve Media Group Announce New Partnership

disguise is pleased to announce its new partnership with Evolve Media Group as the latest Rental and Sales Partner in the US for disguise solutions.

Evolve is a technology-focused company that provides its unique suite of services exclusively to the live event industry. The US-based company offers three key services comprised of Rental, Sales and Education through their renowned Academy. Evolve’s trifecta of services is a unique business model designed to better support the needs of the modern-day live events company.

“We are thrilled to welcome Evolve to the disguise global partner network as our newest Rental and Sales Partner in the US. We are looking forward to working with them as they offer training in their Orlando and Las Vegas locations and help their existing customers to better understand how the disguise workflow can streamline their content management needs. They have already been involved in projects across entertainment, corporate and interactive, so we are excited to partner with them and their clients.” says Grif Palmer, VP Sales and General Manager for disguise Americas.

Evolve CEO Tyler Mayne adds, “disguise media servers are not just requested but required by many of the top designers in the industry. disguise provides the visual power for the most demanding live events all over the world and are instrumental in getting clients’ creative visions from conception to reality. We are very proud of this new partnership and welcome disguise to the Evolve family.”

Evolve invested in disguise gx 2 and vx 4 media servers for their rental inventory and brought disguise on as a full Evolve Trifecta Partner by providing disguise training workshops, which began last summer.

Evolve has already deployed disguise on projects and seen the benefits the solutions bring to a project when faced with issues such as venue scheduling and time limitations for on-stage rehearsals. Kevin Ring, Solutions Manager notes “By utilizing disguise pre-visualization tools, we were able to give the client an accurate representation of their event space, which allowed rehearsals to start before load-in began and to continue off-site while the set up crew worked. Before they got to the venue, the client had an accurate view of their event, and we were able to help them make adjustments well in advance.”

disguise pre-visualization has been a tremendous help in allowing clients and customers to see how their content will look and react to the display environment, according to Kevin. “We have had many content creators make drastic changes after seeing a pre-visualization. Previously, these changes would have been made on-site and could have been very costly and stressful to all parties involved.”

The versatility of disguise also sets the platform apart in the market, Kevin reports. “Other platforms often require additional gear for signal and format conversions. Because of the scalability and customization of the system, using both the networking features and the VFC cards, disguise has been fantastic for the rental and staging markets. One week a client may require 16 DVI outputs, while the very next week a different client needs 4 HDMI 2.0 4K outputs. Being able to utilize the same hardware for both rentals ensures that our servers always stay busy.”

Evolve intends to market the gx 2 and vx 4 servers as the flagships of their media server product offerings and use these tools to help clients better understand the power, flexibility and varied uses of a media server.

The Evolve Academy is proud to offer the disguise Fundamentals’ training course as one of its recurring programs. Kevin Ring, Solutions Manager in Las Vegas, recently became certified as a disguise trainer and will lead courses in both Las Vegas and Orlando. In addition, Evolve plans to host trainers from disguise leading more advanced training sessions on a regular basis.

“We are committed to the training and education of technicians nationwide to ensure that our customers always receive the best service possible,” Kevin says. To find out more about disguise and Evolve training visit: