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Directors Film Company Returns to New Art Miami For Editing, Color Correction & Mixing of A New Global Spot for Bounty Chocolate

Miami, FL: An alluring woman and a handsome man are on a tropical beach where sensuous pours of dark chocolate over crisp white coconut transform into a decadent treat for the palate. That’s the evocative storyline for

“Bounty Chocolate,”

a new :30 global spot that brought Directors Film Company’s executive producer, Richard Coll, back to New Art Miami to tap into the postproduction boutique’s editorial, color correction, sound design and mixing talent.

Directors Film Company’s first collaboration with New Art Miami was director Jonas Arnby’s Coca-Cola spot,


featuring a young woman and man as they meet and

both lay claim to the last bottle of Coca-Cola at the local Stop ‘n Shop. Their playful tug of war over the bottle continues as they leave the store and ultimately find the perfect solution – sharing the bottle of Coke over an impromptu dinner with friends.

“Working with Directors Film Company on Coca-Cola was a great experience,” says New Art Miami executive producer, Bob Cobb. “We we’re thrilled that they called upon our services again – and have given us an opportunity to build an on-going working relationships with a production company of their caliber.”

For the Bounty Chocolate spot New Art Miami combined director Kathy Prosser’s lush footage shot on a picturesque beach in the Florida Keys with meticulously orchestrated product shots – heightening the feel of the island paradise scenario with their collaborative team’s editing, color correcting, sound design services.

The dream-like spot opens with a woman floating on the waves while a man on the beach pours rich, dark chocolate into a coconut shell. When she arrives back on shore he presents her with the tropical treat, which turns into chocolate-covered coconut Bounty candy bars that everyone can enjoy.

Richard Coll, once again worked with editor Alejandro Delgado and colorist Oscar Martinez. Delgado assembled various versions of the cut on his Avid system, creating a smooth, languid pace.

After completing the creative edit, Delgado gave the EDLs and rough cuts to Oscar Martinez for final color correction of the selects. Martinez tapped Assimilate SCRATCH color correction, melding the cool tropical colors of the beach footage, the Bounty wrapper’s trademark colors and the sumptuous tones of the chocolate into a cohesive look.
Juan performed the final mix, in addition to creating the sound design for the spot. His challenge was to craft sounds with a subtle tropical feel and fuse them with restrained ocean noises that didn’t overpower the cool sultry tone of the commercial.

“Our team really enjoyed working with Directors Film Company on the Coca-Cola spot, and we’re proud that Bounty Chocolate gave us a chance to reunite and bring our seamless approach to editing, visual effects, color correction and mixing to a high-end spot for the international market.”


New Art Miami

is a creative service provider offering Editorial, VFX, 3D Animation, Color Grading, Finishing and Audio for spots, broadcast content, music video and all platforms of visual media. Our team is committed to providing dynamic, flexible and innovative solutions that cross platforms and exceed expectations. For additional information about New Art Miami contact Alan Olem, director of business development, at 305.857.0350.

Product: Bounty Chocolate
Type: International Spot
Title, length: “Bounty Chocolate,” 1x :30; 1x :20

Production Company: Directors Film Company/New York
Executive Producer: Richard Coll
Director: Kathy Prosser

Editorial Company: New Art Miami
Editor: Alejandro Delgado
Executive Producer: Bob Cobb

Color correction Company: New Art Miami
Colorist: Oscar Martinez
Executive Producer: Bob Cobb

Audio Post: New Art Miami
Sound Designer: Juan Dieguez
Mixer: Juan Dieguez