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Director Danny Clinch Taps Company X Editor Bruce Ashley to Cut Music Video for “The Weary Kind,� Oscar-nominated Theme from “Crazy Heart�

New York, NY – (February 4, 2010) — Director Danny Clinch of Three on the Tree Productions recently tapped award-winning Company X Editor Bruce Ashley to cut the music video for “The Weary Kind,â€? the Oscar-nominated original theme song for the buzz-generating motion picture “Crazy Heart.â€? Co-written by venerated songwriter/producer T-Bone Burnett and Nashville’s latest break-through artist Ryan Bingham (New West Records), “The Weary Kindâ€? serves as the film’s closing ballad, powerfully encapsulating the struggles of character “Bad Blake,â€? played by Oscar nominee (best actor) Jeff Bridges. The video began airing on January 12, 2010.

Artfully composed with beautiful cinematography, “The Weary Kind� features the raspy-voiced Bingham performing solo at an empty country music dive bar before hours, with vignettes from “Crazy Heart� interwoven. Reflecting the film’s gritty tone, the video leaves an impression of the woeful life of a touring cowboy troubadour such as “Bad Blake.�

To view “The Weary Kind,� please go to:

“Bruce is a great collaborator and a true professional,� remarks Director Danny Clinch. “Some editors are button pushers and do exactly what you want, but Bruce is a guy who’s not afraid to have an opinion; he expresses great ideas, while always being on top of what he’s asked.�

“This is a beautifully shot video with integrityâ€? adds Company X Senior Editor Bruce Ashley, who has collaborated with Clinch on a number of music videos, as well as the Grammy-nominated work for Bruce Springsteen’s “Devils and Dust” Album/DVD. “Danny has made a distinct creative imprint as a music video director — lots of contrast, somber and moody – and his aesthetic worked nicely to compliment and accurately reflect the film’s tone and mood, without revealing the entire story.â€?

“I love music and the outlaw country ethos, so this project was seamless to me,� says Clinch who has directed music videos for Willie Nelson, Tom Waits, Pearl Jam and Spoon, among others. “It’s an honest, well-composed image and feeling of a country artist facing tough times and fighting his demons.�

The video was developed around the performance elements, opening and ending with Ryan Bingham picking his dirge, as the day’s waning sunlight peers through the bar windows. Initially, Clinch and Ashley created a ‘performance-cut’ solely of Ryan Bingham, and then integrated the appropriate images and scenes.

“We wanted to offer a nice impression of the film and compliment the story of Ryan Bingham’s performance,� comments Ashley. “Our approach kept the video’s narrative from overwhelming the film itself.�

Filmed at the same Santa Fe bar location used in “Crazy Heart� where characters “Bad Blake� and “Jean� (Maggie Gyllenhaal) first meet, Clinch shot the video using Sony XDCAM HD cameras and Steadicam, framing it in anamorphic widescreen format.

“Danny framed a tight, flowing performance for me to cut. The video really compliments the film’s aesthetic, as well as Bingham’s performance,� concludes Ashley.

Title: “The Weary Kind”
Label: New West Records/ Fox Searchlight Pictures
Artist: Ryan Bingham

Production Co: Three on the Tree Productions
Director: Danny Clinch
Producer: Carrie Bornstein

Editorial Company: Company X
Editor: Bruce Ashley

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