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Director Cyril Guyot & Company X Editor Lisa Mogol Tangle Passions with New Dolce & Gabbana Commercial

New York, NY – (December 23, 2009) — Director Cyril Guyot recently tapped Company X Editor Lisa Mogol to create a risqué new spot for D&G Time, the signature wristwatch line by Italian luxury fashion house Dolce & Gabbana. Shot in Paris via production company Bandits, the stylish and provocative spot, “D&G Time,â€? depicts a tryst turned upper-class ménage à trios. The 30-second commercial is currently airing in the US and internationally, as well as on the Web.

Set to the chamber sounds of “Perfume� by Sparks, “D&G Time� opens with a mademoiselle luring her beau through a luxurious Parisian flat. Amid the twosome’s sensual exchanges, tension escalates when another man arrives, peering from the shadows of the ominous quarters. The mademoiselle greets the second suitor, with sultry eyes, before a seductive game of cat-and-mouse entangles the trio into a bold rendezvous. As the temptress indulges in the sensuality of both men vying for her affection, the spot culminates in cunning fashion when, suddenly, her mother interrupts the decadent scene, letting out an appalled screech.

To view editor Lisa Mogol’s cut of the “D&G Time,� please go to:

Mogol says Guyot’s cunning narrative and beautifully shot footage, as well as the music of Sparks were all integral to editing the spot.

“D&G Time� is a sensual, beautifully shot spot. From the stunning dress and clothes, the grand period atmosphere to the compelling narrative, Cyril [Guyot] gave me a lot to work with and explore creatively as an editor,� remarks Mogol, whose longstanding creative relationship with Guyot has also yielded commercial work for YSL, Prada and Bill Blass.

Working with more than two hour’s worth of Guyot’s footage, Mogol says building tension and drawing out the elements of tease were crucial to the narrative in terms of the edits.

“Editing, I enjoyed the process of honing the story’s dynamic tension, beginning with the intense, passionate moment when the female smirks before inviting her date inside, up until the awkward yet comical twist at the end when the mother walks in horrified.�

Client: Dolce & Gabbana
Title: “D&G Time”
Location: 10 Luglio 2009 – Map Studio, Grosrouvre – Paris
Creative Direction: Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana
Production Company: Bandits, Frédéric Blamont
Director: Cyril Guyot
Editorial Company: Company X
Editor: Lisa Mogol
Stylist: Zakia Kadri
Make-up Artist: Houda Remita
Hair Stylist: Karin Bigler
Models: Teresa Dilger @ Elite, Johan Johansson @ Marylin
Alexandre Gaillot @ Marylin, Olivia Dutron @ Profi I (mother)
Music by “Sparks�