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Digital Vision to Unveil New 4k Capabilities and New Products at NAB That Extend Tapeless Workflows

Stockholm, Sweden – 13 February, 2008 – Digital Vision, the premier supplier of picture enhancement systems for film and television post-production, will introduce a number of new products and features that enable post-production facilities and broadcasters to move more processes into the tapeless, digital environment and ensure the highest-quality images. At the National Association of Broadcasters Conference (NAB) April 11-17 in Las Vegas, the company will introduce new 4k real-time capabilities for its Film Master tapeless grading and finishing system, unveil a new software-based standards converter, and showcase new tools and options for its DVO and DVNR image enhancement systems. The company is also celebrating its 20th anniversary during NAB.

Film Master – New 4k and real-time capabilities for high end film finishing

Digital Vision will present the latest results of its processing improvements, optimizations and grid processing development that allows for new capabilities and performance benchmarks, including:
• 4k real-time color grading directly from open SAN storage
• 4k real-time DVO grain processing on Digital Vision’s new render grid
• A full floating point pipeline for high dynamic range grading and image processing.

Software standards converter enables quick previews, high quality for multiple deliverables

Digital Vision will also unveil a software-based, motion-compensated standards converter. Available initially as a software option to Film Master and Nucoda HD or SD, the technology will enable post facilities to deliver high quality masters in any format. Its high performance processing allows standards conversion to become part of the software mastering process rather than an operation performed on ingest or delivery, saving time and reducing infrastructure cost. The standards converter will be able to convert any broadcast standard to any other including generation of 23.98PsF from 59.94i as well as auto detection and removal of 3:2. There will be a separate de-interlacer and upconverter available as part of the module. All processing is motion compensated so the media created will be pristine, virtually artifact free and ready for digital distribution. The company also plans to make the software available for grid-based processing environments along with the ability to automatically batch process file based sequences and is actively soliciting feedback at NAB. The product’s name, pricing and availability will be announced at the show.

The company is also announcing the immediate availability of new tools for the DVO (Digital Vision Optics) software and options to the DVNR image processing system. Stablise, RGB Align, and Vertical Scratch Removal will be shipping at NAB to further extend capabilities for restoration and re-mastering.

Digital Vision President and COO noted, “This is the year that a number of trends are gathering critical mass; 4k has now become a cost effective process for Digital Intermediate the world over, tapeless high definition workflows are becoming the norm for dramas and documentaries, and many broadcasters are launching VOD services to supplement their existing channels. All of these trends are driving the demand for automatic enhancement and repurposing, and Digital Vision is the only supplier of mastering and finishing systems with these capabilities built in.”

In addition to technology demonstrations, Digital Vision will feature case studies and presentations by top colourists, and host its annual User Group meeting (Monday 5:00 p.m. on Booth 3205), which will be followed by an on-booth celebration of the company’s 20th anniversary.