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Digital Vision to Receive Emmy Engineering Award for DVNR & DVO

Stockholm, Sweden – 30 August, 2007 – Digital Vision, the premier supplier of picture enhancement equipment for film and television post-production, announced today that the company will receive a 2007 Primetime Emmy® Engineering award from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences for its DVNR and DVO image processing systems. The company will receive an Engineering Plaque, given for achievements that exhibit a high level of engineering and are important to the progress of the industry, at the Primetime Creative Arts ceremony on Saturday, September 8th in Los Angeles.

The hardware-based DVNR (Digital Vision Noise Reduction) system is a real-time image processing workstation for telecine and tape-to-tape applications, providing superior performance in picture enhancement and restoration in SD, HD and DCI 2k. It is used primarily for grain management and noise reduction, and is recognized for its role in revolutionizing the post-production of film originated material. It includes award-winning algorithms and filter technology for motion estimation, luminance and chrominance adaptation and adaptive and edge-preserving filters. With thousands of systems installed worldwide and incorporating twenty years of development, the DVNR is a fixture at the majority of post-production facilities doing television work today, including Ascent Media, the BBC, CBS, Criterion, Deluxe Digital Studios, Fotokem, Laser Pacific, The Moving Picture Company, Warner Bros. and many more.

The DVO (Digital Vision Optics) system, introduced in 2005, is a resolution-independent software version of DVNR which brings its high-quality algorithms to a wide range of standard computing platforms, enabling it to take advantage of continuous technology development and performance increases. Optimized and extended for non-linear software applications, the algorithms provide high quality results without introducing undesirable artifacts.

Steve Morgan, Director of Facilities Engineering at Deluxe Digital Studios said, “Our fleet of Standard Definition DVNRs have been key components in our DVD Mastering operations since they were first integrated as video pre-processors in 1995. The fact that all of these systems are still in use today speaks volumes about Digital Vision’s advanced technology and reliability. Digital Vision’s new HD pre-processor is an important part of our HD-DVD and Blu-ray encoding operations, and we are very interested in moving into the powerful new DVO technology.”

Simon Cuff, Digital Vision President and COO, said, “We are of course pleased and honoured to receive this award and join the list of technologies which have had a noteworthy impact on the television industry. The Academy‘s recognition of picture quality as an important part of the viewing experience confirms our 20-year focus. Whether it was cleaning up images from noisy CRT-based telecines years ago or protecting against the artifacting introduced remastering at high compression rates today, we‘re committed to the highest quality images across any viewing platform.”

Digital Vision provides innovative image restoration, enhancement, colour correction and data conforming systems that major movie studios, television networks and post-production facilities use to produce and enhance feature films, TV programs and commercials. The company‘s Nucoda product line provides a strong suite of products for tapeless and non linear grading for SD & HD broadcast and 2k/4k digital intermediate productions. The company‘s award-winning products are a standard of the media and entertainment industry and are deployed at top facilities and broadcasters around the world. Digital Vision AB was founded in 1988 and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with two wholly owned subsidiaries, Digital Vision (US) in Los Angeles, California, and Digital Vision UK in London, England. The company maintains its global presence through a network of qualified distributors. Digital Vision is listed on the Stockholm stock exchange. For further information, go to

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