DFT Digital Film Technology Showcases SCANITY Archive at IBC2011

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DFT Digital Film Technology, provider of high-end film and digital post production solutions that preserve, manage, and deliver your pictures, will showcase SCANITY Archive at IBC 2011, stand 7.E21. As facilities continue to expand and supplement their services to address the film archive & restoration market, their requirements include a film scanner that handles film with the utmost care. DFT meets this demand with SCANITY and its continuous transport without pins and sprockets, roller gate, LED illumination and optical perforation detection. SCANITY has a number of new features that specifically address the Film Archive market, including: variable scaling, film shrinkage measurement, vertical over-sampling, individual light & density range control, as well variable aperture correction.

Variable Scaling –

SCANITY incorporates a real-time scaler that resizes the image and compensates for any film shrinkage. The scaler provides 4096 horizontal pixels from an ACA format and the horizontal and vertical flip function fixes incorrectly laced film.

Film shrinkage measurement / display

– This feature continuously displays the percentage of film shrinkage.. Shrunken film is scanned without adjustments or the need to modify film gates. SCANITY supports shrinkage up to 4%.

Vertical Over-Scanning -

Splices on films can have wide tolerances causing the frame bar to jump in and out of the visible image area at scene changes. SCANITY scans more of the picture height and shows parts of the previous and following frame allowing the image area to be selected in post production without losing any content. SCANITY’s advantage compared to an optical zoom is that the scanned file size increases as the image area (height and width) becomes larger, therefore the resolution (lines per inch / pixel pitch) is kept constantly high. This allows users to maintain image sharpness throughout the post production process - even after cropping and repositioning. The image height is 25% larger than the original film frame, equally dispersed on the top and bottom of the frame.

Individual Light & Density Range Control -

Colors on positive and negative film may fade due to age and inappropriate storage or use. As long as there is a little remaining color information left in the color layers it can be recovered. SCANITY offers a wide range and headroom of light as well as the tools to control the intensity of each color of the LED illumination. SCANITY controls adjustable density ranges letting users get the very best out of faded films.

Variable Aperture Correction –

This feature compensates for unavoidable losses that occur in an optical scanning system. A neutral aperture correction means the images are seen exactly as they are on the film. An expanded algorithm aids the operator to over or under compensate to make the image sharper or softer. This tool adjusts the looks of different film stocks, reduces the appearance of the film grain or applies a certain look. The enhancements and features being shown at IBC meet the requirements for post production facilities expanding into serving the archive & restoration as well as traditional archive facilities. DFT will be at IBC 2011, 7.E21.


Bluebell Triple Stack Silhouette

Bluebell Opticom at the 2018 NAB Show

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