Dentsu,, and Version2 Cut to What's Important for ExpressJet

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The Brief:

Editor Tina Mintus of Version2 recently cut two delightful slice of life spots for ExpressJet Airlines via Agency Dentsu and directed by's Josh & Xander. The vignettes illustrate that your spare time is precious. Whether you're a CEO playing carpet golf, a beachcomber out searching for buried treasure, or a family of weekend paintball warriors, how you spend it is up to you. If you want to master the art of double handed yo-yoing, that's perfectly acceptable; what's not are lengthy travel delays. ExpressJet knows the ultimate measure of travel satisfaction is in the time they save their customers.

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The Creds:

Client: ExpressJet

Spot Title: What Would You Rather Be Doing - Accordion, Kiss

Air Date: July 2008

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Agency: Dentsu

CCO: Mike Wilson

CD: Glen Jacobs

ACD: Chris Soskin

Sr. Art Director: Antonio Bonifacio

EP: Linda Rafoss (via Driver)

Producer: Becky Reagan (via Driver) Audio Post: Headroom NY

Mix: Scott McIntoshr Prod Company:

Director: Josh & Xander

Executive Producer: Maya Brewster

Production Supervisor: Shaune San Cartier Editorial: Version2

Editor: Tina Mintus

Online/FX Editor: Nick Schlumpf

After Effects Artist: Craig Davis

Head of Production: Frank Devlin

Producer: Megan Wroclawski Telecine: Company 3 NY

Colorist: Tim Masick

About Version2:

The Version2 group includes editorial and VFX/motion design divisions working collaboratively and independently in the commercial, film and broadcast arenas. The editorial roster is comprised of Owner Vito DeSario, Tina Mintus, Micah Scarpelli, Rick Waller, Jane Keller and Mark Thomas. The VFX/motion design division is headed by Creative Director Kieran Walsh, Art Director/Flame Artist Nick Schlumpf, Designers/Animators Craig Davis, Michael McKenna and online editor Tim Farrell. Kathy Misrock is Head of Business Development and Sales, Frank Devlin is Head of Production. The company also boasts an exclusive relationship with VFX Supervisor Ed Manning of Special Branch, forming SB@V2.

For more info, ping TRUST: 646.452.3388 (NY) | 310.451.5153 (LA) |