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Denon Professional exhibits the DN-C640 Slot-in Network CD Player. Housed in a compact 1-rackspace enclosure, the DN-C640 offers broadcasters tremendous playback format options utilizing largely untapped system resources found in many of today's standard audio, network and computing devices. Elevated from simple audio disc player, the unit enables audio data-file playback from both CD and DVD discs and easy access to network playback capabilities. It is well suited to serving as a fully networked audio playback control center, and it was designed with the needs of the broadcaster and professional audio market in mind. The DN-C640 is the latest innovation in Denon’s line of professional audio playback devices to harness the advantages of digital audio. The DN-C640 is compatible with most standard audio data file formats including CD-DA (.cda), WAVE (.wav), MPEG-1/2 Layer III (.mp3), MPEG-1 Layer II (.mpg) and Windows Media Audio (.wma), allowing for up to 20 hours of MP3 or similar audio playback from a single CD, CD-R or CD-RW. Additionally, the unit breaks new ground by reading these files directly from a data DVD, with its greatly enhanced storage, thus increasing continuous single disc playback to nearly 6 days of uninterrupted audio. For those requiring the fidelity of uncompressed WAV audio files, this allows a new, convenient disc playback unrestrained by the normal 80-minute CD-R time limit. As an added benefit, various file types may be combined on the same disc to accommodate different source formats of program material. The DN-C640 incorporates the latest in network integration for streaming audio playback from personal computers, servers or other network resources. This affords nearly endless file storage and continuous playback, while allowing direct access to files from the unit's front panel/remote or an internal web browser-based GUI complete with transport controls and customizable program playlists (can output CD-TEXT Title, Artist, and Album via RS-232), accessible from any web-enabled computer on the network. The ability to stream any of the above file formats from a network source allows the broadcast station to store files, like Public Service Announcements (PSAs) or local advertisements, on a PC and have instant access to them without having to burn optical media. The web browser-based GUI also provides a visual interface for programming files to play from a specified directory. Those programs can be downloaded to a PC in a simple file format for later use. This is perfect for a station that needs to recall previous shows/programs or for a station’s production department that wants to recall a set of sound effects. Additionally, standard 25-pin Contact Closure (GPIO) and 9-pin RS-232C Control connections are included. DN-C640 Features: • AES/EBU Output • Parallel Interface for connection to consoles (Index Tallying/Fader Start) • Will output POS and ISRC codes for tying to database in stations broadcasting disc information (i.e. HD-Radio or RDS) • Internal SRC (Sample Rate Converter (32, 44.1 and 48 kHz) • Will force MONO output of audio • User definable SKIP-BACK instant replay feature • Auto Cue • +/-12% Pitch Control • Frame accurate searching DN-C640 Audio Outputs: 2 Analog Unbalanced Outputs 1 set – RCA L/R Fixed Level 1 set – RCA L/R Variable Level (Remote Controllable) 1 Analog Balanced Output 1 set – XLR L/R Output with Trim Control 2 Digital Outputs 1 – RCA AES/EBU or S/PDIF Format 1 – XLR AES/EBU or S/PDIF Format 1 Headphone Output w/LC 1 – 1/4" Headphone Output (front panel mounted) DN-C640 Control Options: RS-232 1 – DB9 Bi-Directional connector GPIO 1 – DB25 Contact Closure Infrared 1 – IR receiver (front panel mounted) Ethernet/LAN 1 – RJ-45 Used for control, device setup, and streaming media over the network The Denon Professional DN-C640 Slot-in Network CD Player is currently available. About D&M Professional D&M Professional, through its Denon Professional, Marantz Professional and Denon DJ brands, manufactures and distributes a leading line of professional audio and video equipment for the broadcast, commercial, corporate, DJ, education, government, audio/visual, education, houses of worship, security and related industries. Visit D&M Professional at

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