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CTP Multimedia Center, Korea, Installs Bright Systems‘ BrightDrive Shareable Media Store

Reno, Nevada, USA, September 5, 2007,

Bright Systems, Inc., developer of disk recording and data infrastructure technology, is today announcing that CTP Multimedia Center in the Republic of Korea has installed a BrightDrive shareable media store as the principal platform for its postproduction media sharing infrastructure.

CTP Multimedia Center is a division of the Chungnam Techno Park, a Government-funded organization for technology-based business, research and training. The Multimedia Center provides postproduction equipment at reduced rates to facilities in the Chungnam area of Korea in order to activate and nurture the local multimedia industry. They have made considerable investment in digital intermediate equipment over the past twelve months and can now offer clients a complete range of systems from digital ingest through to delivery. The BrightDrive system will provide a collaborative infrastructure for these systems, enabling all operators to share and work on the same media files concurrently irrespective of the operating systems being used.

“At CTP we have a wide mix of postproduction and DI equipment using a range of files types and systems architecture,” said H S Kim, Director of Media Center at CTP. “BrightDrive lets us bring all of these systems into a streamlined and efficient workflow where operators have access to the same media in real-time in the knowledge that they are working in a stable environment. We chose BrightDrive because performance and stability were key issues for us and we were able to visit successful BrightDrive users worldwide to see it in use before making out decision to purchase.”

CTP currently has a Digital Vision Film Master, DVS Clipster and Pronto 2K, Discreet Lustre, Flame and Smoke, MTI Correct, and an Apple Final Cut Pro and Shake attached to BrightDrive as SAN clients, and a Render Farm 50CPU and Maya attached as NAS clients.

CTP has praised BrightDrive‘s ability to maintain performance levels even when all operators are accessing the same files and the infrastructure is being used at full capacity. BrightDrive enables them to respond to their clients‘ individual requirements by allowing shareable storage volumes to be increased or decreased quickly and easily without loss of time for creativity. As well as providing a highly streamlined workflow for clients, the system also gives CTP the flexibility to manage its services effectively.

The BrightDrive system at CTP was supplied and will be supported by BESCO, Bright Systems‘ business partner in Korea.



Founded in September 1996, Besco S.I Corp. is a company specialized in systems for broadcasters and DI workflow solutions in Korea. Besco has much experience in designing and integrating systems for broadcasters and is now becoming the leading company in DI business.

About Bright Systems

Bright Systems was founded in 1999 to design and develop advanced infrastructure systems for data-intensive environments. Based in Reno, Nevada, a centre associated with important milestones in the development of video disk recording, Bright Systems provides a range of extremely high-performance file servers capable of record/playback of real-time uncompressed video and data streams. With its unique expertise in advanced engineering and facility integration/workflow, Bright Systems is able to deliver a significant competitive edge to the post production industry.


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