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CSS Music Releases 4 Royalty Free Music CDs; Offers Playlist Asset Management Tool and 2 Bulk Download Plans

Los Angeles based royalty free music library, CSS Music, has announced the addition of 4 new volumes to its 300+ CD, 17 library package. The new material includes
Target Trax Vol 50 “Filmscapes / Reality TV�, Repro-file Plus Vol 28 “Forces of Nature�, Powertrax Vol. 25 “Reality TV� and Hot Spots Vol. 19 “Uplifting Acoustic�, “TV Themes�, “Piano & Friends�.

CSS Creative Director, Mike Fuller, points out that “these are not just CDs we’re releasing. Let’s face it, it’s a download world. Realistically, it’s 180 new downloadable royalty free music tracks our end users can choose from for a total over more than 12,000 available on our


, They can pick and choose individual tracks or they can download an entire CD volume if they like. Sure we have shippable CDs, CD-Roms, DVD-Roms and hard drives for those who want them but today’s producers like the power of using the 3 different search systems on our site to find the perfect royalty free tunes and get them virtually instantly without paying any shipping charges, sales taxes or duties.

Music selection, organization and re-call is the key. That’s why we also offer our new Playlist Tool. End users can create as many playlists as they like, for different projects, scenes, clients, genres– whatever. In addition to being able to name, rename and edit playlists, they can also buy tracks and download directly from a playlist. Best of all I think, playlists can be e-mailed to associates or clients across the hall or around the world. I e-mail playlists to myself as idea irkersâ€?.

In addition to its new playlist tool, CSS Music (

) now also offers two self-service bulk download plans that typically save users 35-90% compared to the firm’s regular single track download service. The plans work like a pre-paid phone card with clients earning a large up front discount with purchase. Plan I counts down “D.A.W.N. Dollars� (D.A.W.N. Is an acronym for Digital Audio Worldwide Network), while Plan II counts down actual downloads.

“Empowering the client is our primary goal,� Fuller continued. “Searching and actually finding good royalty free music, organizing it and downloading at the sharpest possible price— this is what we’re in business for. We’re very proud of these 4 new royalty free volumes. I have a feeling these tunes will be on a lot of playlists very soon.�

Contact at CSS Music, Mike Fuller, Creative Director.


, 323-666-7968, 800-468-6874