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CrumplePop Launches New Licensing Program for its Newest Audio Plugins for Video Editors

CrumplePop Offers Software Developers Opportunity to License IP for EchoRemover and AudioDenoise; New Audio Editing Tools Simplify Audio Clean Up for Video Editors

CrumplePop ( today announced it has launched a new licensing program to enable manufacturers in the production and post production technology industry to integrate CrumplePop’s audio cleanup and denoising technology into their product offerings. With this new licensing program, manufactures can license CrumplePop IP from AudioDenoise and EchoRemover software plugins; the Company’s powerful, yet simple, modular tools that enable video editors to quickly and easily deal with audio issues in their video sequences.

AudioDenoise from CrumplePop is a software plugin for Apple Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro that automatically removes hiss and background noise from audio. By simply dragging the AudioDenoise plugin onto a video clip, background noises such as microphone hiss, fan noise, and ambient noise within the room or studio are immediately removed.

EchoRemover from CrumplePop automatically removes audio echo and reverb from video recorded in large empty rooms,  studios, gymnasiums or any hollow-sounding space. Simply drag and drop EchoRemover directly onto a video clip within a FInal Cut Pro X or Adobe Premiere Pro timeline, and all echo is instantly removed so viewers can focus on the dialogue, and not all the background echo that distracts from the content.

“We developed our audio plugins for video editors because we understand that editing audio is an entirely different skill set from editing video, and not every editor has the resources to tackle even basic audio issues. We created EchoRemover and AudioDenoise to solve big audio problems in a surprisingly simple solution,” said Gabe Cheifetz, founder of CrumplePop. “We also realized that, given the modular nature of our plugins, they offer the opportunity for other technology developers in our space to easily integrate, and significantly enhance the value of their products by adding the capabilities we offer. At the end of the day, our goal is to create a better user experience and help people create great content. We look forward to partnering with the innovators in our market to extend what we’ve done with audio cleanup tools to their customers. The possibilities are endless.”

To see how fast, simple and powerful EchoRemover really is, watch this short demo video:

This short demo video also shows AudioDenoise in action:

About CrumplePop

CrumplePop ( is a small crew of filmmakers, editors and VFX artists who love making great content look and sound even better. Since 2009, they’ve been developing film and broadcast plugins for Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro and are proud to work with customers like the BBC, MTV, DreamWorks, CNN, FOX, Sony Music, and smaller studios around the world. You can find us on Facebook and Twitter (@crumplepop).