Crossroads' Goetz Brothers and HBO Get Bloody

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The Brief:

Directing duo Goetz Brothers of bicoastal/international Crossroads helm two :45 satirical spots for a fictional beverage brand ( teasing HBO's new vampire series, True Blood from the creator of Six Feet Under.

In American Style, burly men surround a fire talking shop and enjoying brews. Sporting a set of fangs, one man surprises the group, freaking them all out. Normalcy returns when the fanged-one offers the group a Tru Blood beverage. The spoof trails off with a quintessential beer spot jingle and sexy product shot.

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In French Style, a stunning damsel and her vampire seducer are interrupted by her lover, leaving the vampire parched. As the spot nears its climax, the vampire utters, "Oh mon dieu" before dramatically refreshing his thirst with Tru Blood. Which blood type will refresh your inner vampire?

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The Creds:

Client: HBO

Spot Title(s): American Style Beer Commercial, French Style Commercial

Air Date: June 2008

Prod Company: Crossroads

Directors: Goetz Brothers

EP(s): Cami Taylor, Carole Hughes

Editorial: 89 Edit

Editor: Michael Coletta

EP: Bob Cagliero

Shoot Location: Los Angeles, CA

About Crossroads:

A multimedia and content creation firm, Crossroads offers a clear vision, innovative leadership, and unparalleled reach into the entertainment talent pool. With headquarters in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, London, and an affiliate office in Toronto, Crossroads has six divisions: Film, Television, Commercials, Music Videos, New Media, and Creative Services. All offer exclusive talent featuring some of the world's top directors, show creators, writers, and producers.

Founded in 1989, Crossroads has been a consistent leader in the development and production of feature films and television programming, as well as producing award-winning commercial and music video content for top-tier brands, agencies and performing artists.