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Crossroads Director Bruce Hurwit Blots out the Competition for Toyota

Owning a Toyota Camry puts your neighbors to shame-so much shame that they might not want to show their faces, as illustrated in


, a hilarious new spot directed by Crossroads’ Bruce Hurwit out of 22squared for Southeast Toyota Distributors.

A Toyota Camry owner is stepping out of his pristine, midnight blue ride when he’s confronted by a mildly disgruntled, non-Toyota Camry owner named Ted. Marring Ted’s face is a perfectly placed circle of pixilation, a manifestation of the embarrassment he feels for owning the worst car in the cul-de-sac. When the smart Camry driver laughs off Ted’s shame, Ted quickly rebukes him, asking, “Does it look like I’m smiling?” To which the Camry owner, perplexed by the neighbor’s censored face, responds, “I can’t really tell, man.”

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Client: Southeast Toyota Distributors

Spot Title:


Air Date: January 2011

Agency: 22squared

CCO: Scott Sheinberg

ACD/Writer: Ryan Stafford

ACD/Art Director: Don Stephenson

Art Director: Dennis Wolfe

Director of Broadcast Production: Connie Newberry

Prod Co: Crossroads Films

Director: Bruce Hurwit

DP: Giorgio Scali

EP(s): Camille Taylor, Carole Hughes

Producer: Coni Lancaster

Editorial Co: Spotwelders LA

Editor: Lucas Spaulding

EP(s): David Glean, Joanne Ferraro

Telecine Co: Rushes

Colorist: Gino Panaro

EP: Lisa Boolootian

Shoot Location: Chatsworth, California

About Crossroads

A multimedia and content creation firm, Crossroads offers a clear vision, innovative leadership, and unparalleled reach into the entertainment talent pool. With headquarters in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, London, and an affiliate office in Toronto, Crossroads has six divisions: Film, Television, Commercials, Music Videos, New Media, and Creative Services. All offer exclusive talent featuring some of the world’s top directors, show creators, writers, and producers.Founded in 1989, Crossroads has been a consistent leader in the development and production of feature films and television programming, as well as producing award-winning commercial and music video content for top-tier brands, agencies and performing artists.

About 22squared:

We don’t want to talk to you. It’s not that we have anything against you. In fact, you seem quite delightful. It’s just, we don’t think talking to people is a particularly effective form of communication. Instead, we like to talk with people, see what they’re interested in, and then have a two-way conversation. We do the same with brands. We find what people are interested in, and then help insert our brands into the conversation. The result is work that gets people talking, and makes brands grow. We call it the Friendship Model#, and we apply it across all mediums, for clients as diverse as Baskin-Robbins, Buffalo Wild Wings, The Costa Rica Tourism Board, Florida’s Natural Growers, Lincoln Financial Group, Publix Super Markets, Shoe Carnival and Southeast Toyota Distributors. If you’d like people to start talking about your brand, look us up at

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