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CRASH+SUES Helps Subaru “Share the Love” In Carmichael Lynch’s Dealership Video For Automaker’s Annual Charitable Giving Event

CRASH+SUES Helps Subaru “Share the Love” In Carmichael Lynch’s
Dealership Video For Automaker’s Annual Charitable Giving Event

Minneapolis, MN: Once again


editor Carrie Shanahan has teamed with Carmichael Lynch/Minneapolis to cut a dealership video heralding Subaru’s annual “Share the Love” charity event. The two and a half minute short, which is displayed at Subaru dealerships nationwide, promotes the automaker’s 2011 end-of-the-year initiative, which donates $250 to one of five participating charities for each new Subaru purchased during the run of the event.

Subaru has raised $15 million from its past “Share the Love” campaigns; the automaker hopes to donate $5 million more this year to benefit American Forests, the ASPCA, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Meals On Wheels Association of America, and the Special Olympics.

“It’s been an honor to cut this video for Carmichael Lynch for the past four years,” says Shanahan. “It’s always great to work on projects that highlight the charitable side of advertising and deliver such a positive message. ‘Share the Love’ inspired me to sign up as a volunteer driver for Meals on Wheels with my little boy.”

The dealership video includes clips from the “Share the Love” broadcast spot, which spotlights Subaru owners wearing philanthropic T-shirts: a surfer clad in a “I Stand By My Manatee” top, a busy young woman claiming that “I’m greener than this [very green] shirt.” The voiceover explains how Subaru was inspired by its customers to create the “Share the Love” event four years ago as vignettes illustrate the good works of this

year’s five participating charities: tree planting by American Forests; a legacy of helping cats and dogs by the ASPCA; granting wishes to seriously ill children by the Make-A-Wish Foundation; volunteers at work for Meals on Wheels; and athletes competing in the Special Olympics.

The video ends with an animated “Share the Love” tag and a clip of the surfer and her Subaru wagon on a beach as animated type spells out “L-O-V-E.”

Shanahan integrated footage from Subaru’s “Share the Love” broadcast spot with clips

provided from the five participating charities. “Having cut these videos for the last three years, I’m familiar with the content and mood,” she says. “It’s always a pleasure working with Carmichael Lynch whose creative teams and producers are some of the best in the business.”

SUE employed Digital Vision’s Nucoda Film Master to color correct the video and enhance the supplied video from the charities to give a consistent look to all of the footage.


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TITLE: “Share the Love Event”
LENGTH: Two :30

AD AGENCY: Carmichael Lynch/Minneapolis (YES?)
AGENCY PRODUCER: Tara Mulholland
COPYWRITER: Sheldon Clay
ART DIRECTOR: Doug Pedersen

EDITOR: Carrie Shanahan; Final Cut Pro