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CRASH+SUES Colorist SUE Color Corrects ‘Missoni for Target,’ The Last Spot Of PMH’s Iconic Series Of Campaigns For The Stylish Retailer

Minneapolis: Peterson Milla Hooks/Minneapolis (PMH) capped a colorful history of commercial work

for Target with a grand finale, a vibrant and engagingly stylish spot,


announcing the launch of the Missoni for Target line. SUE at


once again brought her artistry and technical expertise to creating the color-driven imagery that has been the signature of PMH’s highly successful campaign for the national retailer.

Budget-conscience fashion-istas responded to the :30 spot’s message in record numbers, buying out all of the limited-time designer Target collection in less than two days, and crashing the retailer’s new website. The PMH’s spot was feature on national news programs as the story unfolded.

“The Missoni commercial features PMH’s typical attention to detail. Everything shines,” notes SUE whose earlier Target work for the agency includes the iconic “Bull’s-Eye World,” “Color My World,” “Design for All” and “Hello Goodbuy” campaigns.

Missoni is known for its highly patterned apparel, accessories and furnishing, and PMH built upon that signature look. Their spot features Margherita Missoni, granddaughter of the fashion empire’s founder, and an accomplice, making their way through a brightly colored, zigzag-patterned world tinged with clandestine undertones. The brand’s blend of functionality and fun is brought home by the stylishly vibrant look of the commercial.

The ’60’s-inspired spy scenario unfolds as Missoni’s signature patterns appear everywhere – from interior furnishings and accessories to bikes on the city streets, and of course, clothes. The mystery is solved at the close of the spot with Target’s trademark bull’s-eye revealing itself and the secret…Missoni is now at Target.

The spot was shot in Milan, Missoni’s hometown, by director by Alex Prager for Fiordelmondo, Rome and Academy Award-nominated “Black Swan” cinematographer, Matthew Libatique.

After the location shoot in Italy wrapped the elements were sent to CRASH+SUES in Minneapolis where SUE began the color correction process using the LUTs and flat files, captured by Libatique on the ARRI ALEXA digital camera. “The ALEXA post process feels like film,” notes Heidi Habben who post produced for CRASH+SUES. “It allows you to push, manipulate and play with color.”

PMH creative director David Peterson came to CRASH+SUES for SUE’s dailies pass, which set the tone

for the look of the spot. Once the cut was complete and all footage resided on a server, SUE conformed the commercial on her Digital Vision Nucoda FilmMaster.

“We did a lot of preparation and color manipulation to make sure the color came through very strong and create a really rich pallet,” she says. “The director sent me stills of Milan’s famed cathedral and blue sky, which I referenced to establish the strong blue and golden look for the commercial’s opening shot of a church glowing golden against an aqua sky.”

Although a wide shot of a Missoni-clad woman walking with her similarly attired children down a cobbled street had a building in the background that had gone close to white, the ALEXA footage enabled SUE to mask off the area and get back to the actual golden color of the structure. Its rich tones follow a cafe scene set against a warm orange wall.

At the same time SUE was concerned with not adding any extra enhancements that would cause

Missoni’s highly patterned products to ring. “We used a lot of power windows and masks so everything was at the right level,” she notes. “We exchanged a lot of email with Italy to make sure we were all on the same page.”

The broadcast spot was edited at Channel Z/Minneapolis, finished at Pixel Farm/Minneapolis and ModernMusic/Minneapolis provide the music and audio post services.


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Client/Product: Missoni for Target
Category: :30 broadcast spot
Title: “Missoni”

Ad Agency: Peterson Milla Hooks/Minneapolis
Head of Production, Executive Producer: Aldo Hertz
Creative Director: David Peterson
Copywriter: Heather Parke
Art Director: Sue Kaase
Production company: Fiordelmondo, Rome
Director: Alex Prager
DP: Matthew Libatique

Editorial: Channel Z/Minneapolis
Executive Producer: Ace Allgood
Producer: Kelly Nelson
Editor: Brett Astor

Color Correction: CRASH+SUES/Minneapolis
Executive Producer: Nathan Keech
Post Producer: Heidi Habben
Colorist: SUE
Junior Colorist: Todd Isaacs

Post and VFX: Pixel Farm/Minneapolis
Producer: Krystal Lamoureaux
Lead Artist: Kurt Angell