CPL Invests in New Panasonic Laser Projectors

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West Midlands UK based technical production and solutions specialist Central Presentations Ltd (CPL) has made its first purchases in a major new round of investment in Panasonic laser projectors.

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A fleet of 24 new projectors will comprise twelve each of two models, the PT-RZ670 single chip 6500 lumen and the PT-RZ 12K 3-chip 12000 lumen machines.

“The idea is to replace the older stock of conventional bulb-lightsource Panasonic projectors completely,” explains CPL MD Matthew Boyse.

The advantages of the laser projectors are many.

Primary ones include the fact that they are low maintenance – with no lamps or filters that need replacing, which consequently means lower running costs. There’s also no deterioration in the output quality.

Both models offer 1920 x 1200 pixel resolution and excellent image reproduction plus numerous other cool features like enhanced white balance, colours – including full range of whites - and picture clarity. The colours and brightness will also stay consistent over the lifetime of the machine.

Panasonic’s ‘Quartet Color Harmonizer’ optical drive produces image quality that’s far beyond that of any competitive lamp-based system. It overcomes the problem of colour and brightness by eliminating the white segment from the colour wheel and adding a yellow one for the conventional red, green and blue segments.

Combined with the power of the laser lightsource and a robust heat-resistant phosphor wheel, this vastly improves colour reproduction, white balance and perceived brightness.

”We need to keep constantly moving with the technology alongside offering our clients the best and most appropriate options for all of their projects” continues Max, highlighting the fact that the new machines also draw less power and are essentially more eco-friendly.

As most events are now under pressure to prove – and improve – their carbon footprints, this is set to become more of an issue in the events industry generally, one of CPL’s primary sectors.

CPL already has a large stock of Panasonic projectors so know first-hand the reliability and quality engineering of the brand.  Panasonic were also among the first manufacturers to bring out a compact high brightness projector suitable for large format and widescreen projections.

Other bonuses of the laser models include the silent running, due to the new liquid cooling system.

This is a great asset for so many scenarios, including conferences, spoken word performances, dramas, operas  and other theatrical productions where ambient noise / quietness is an issue.

The laser lightsource also enables the projector to be installed safely in any orientation – including portrait, at odd and off-beat angles or pointing directly downwards towards the floor – without any potential technically damaging consequences for the lightsource – which is another challenge for conventional lamp projectors.

Edge blending between multiple machines for widescreen applications is also easier and more seamless due to the consistency in quality, brightness and colour between the sources. CPL engages in a lot of widescreen, high-impact and mapped projection work, so this was another of many incentives to make the move.

“I and the whole CPL team are really pleased with the decision,” concludes Max, adding that the support and service from Panasonic has also been “Excellent”. 


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