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Conversion Works Implements TACTICâ„¢ for Production Asset Management

Toronto, Canada – Dec. 20, 2010 – Southpaw Technology, a leading developer of production asset management (PAM) technology for digital entertainment and enterprise companies, announced today that it has closed a licensing deal with Vancouver-based Conversion Works. The stereoscopic 3D conversion house will manage its projects as well as all assets relating to its projects, in TACTIC’s unified production asset management system.

TACTIC is specifically designed to enable vast teams of artists and animators to manage the creation of digital assets from concept to completion. Combining asset management, workflow management, project management and communication tools into one dynamic, Web-based solution, TACTIC will allow Conversion Works to more efficiently and securely manage large volumes of assets, and to set up streamlined workflows with built-in automations that add even more speed to its patented True Stereo 3DXâ„¢ conversion pipeline.

Conversion Works will also use TACTIC to automate distributed workflows. When Conversion Works receives assets from its overseas vendors, TACTIC will automatically ingest those assets and send them to supervisors for dailies reviews. All notes from the reviews will be stored with the assets in TACTIC, and be visible to overseas vendors within TACTIC’s interface.

“We are transitioning from developing our core technology with a small technical team into full production,� said Daniel Roizman, director of production technology at Conversion Works. “With the volume of data going through our pipeline each day, efficiency is key to our success. By integrating project and asset management into one solution, TACTIC will streamline our whole process and give us the efficiency we need.�

TACTIC 3.0 is currently available for licensing. For additional information on TACTIC 3.0, please visit

, or contact Mary Jane Mundell at


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Southpaw Technology provides production asset management solutions to the media & entertainment and enterprise markets. Available as a web-based solution for Mac OSX, Windows and Linux, TACTIC combines all the functionality teams, departments and companies need to keep digital productions on track and on budget, including asset management, project management, workflow management and communication tools. For more information, please visit


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