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Company 3 Wins Big at Super Bowl XLIV

— Post house contributes color grading on 31 spots for 18 brands —

Company 3 artists contributed work on 31 of the 66 ads that aired during Sunday’s Super Bowl XLIV. Company 3 projects included spots for 18 brands: Audi, Bridgestone, Denny’s, Dodge, Dr. Pepper, Emerald Nuts, Flo TV, Intel, Kia,, Motorola, Pizza Hut, Snickers, Taco Bell, truTV, US Census and Volkswagen, as well as three promo ads for the NFL and film trailers for Ridley Scott’s “Robin Hood,� Mike Newell’s “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time� and Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland.�

“We’re pleased to collaborate on work of this caliber,� commented Company 3 co-founder Stefan Sonnenfeld, who served as colorist on 12 commercials for this year’s game, including “Green Car� for Audi and “Seaworld� for Emerald Nuts, as well as two spots each for Bridgestone, Denny’s, Dr. Pepper, Intel and Pizza Hut. “Companies make an enormous investment in advertising for the Super Bowl and it is humbling to know that they trust us for their creative work.�

“Company 3 touched almost half of the spots that aired during the Super Bowl,� added Luis Ribeiro, VP of business development at Company 3. “It’s very gratifying to contribute in this way to such a high-profile event.�
Other Company 3 colorists who contributed to Super Bowl projects include Sean Coleman (Dodge), Siggy Ferstl (Flo TV), Dave Hussey (Taco Bell), Tim Masick (, NFL, Snickers, truTV and US Census), Mike Pethel (Volkswagen), Tom Poole (Motorola) and Matt Turner (Kia).

About Company 3

Company 3 revolutionized the post production industry a decade ago when it took the art and craft of color correction into a boutique environment. Focused on high-quality creative results, Company 3 is synonymous with many of today’s award-winning commercials, music videos and feature films. Currently, Company 3 is translating its finely tuned expertise in feature film DI (digital intermediate), color correction, and final finishing to commercials and advertising.
Company 3’s incredible talent roster includes John Bonta, Sean Coleman, Siggy Ferstl, Billy Gabor, Dave Hussey, Tim Masick, Victor Mulholland, Stephen Nakamura, Mike Pethel, Tom Poole, Rob Sciarratta, Stefan Sonnenfeld and Matt Turner. Recent commercial projects are campaigns for Apple, BMW, Heineken, Nike and Travelers Insurance. Recent feature film credits include “Alice in Wonderland,â€? “Where the Wild Things Are,â€? “The Hurt Locker,â€? “A Single Man,â€? “Public Enemiesâ€? and “Star Trek.â€? Company 3

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