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CloseVU Brings the Big Play to the Small Screen at NAB 2007

Sdei Boker, Israel – February 7 – 2007 –


, the company founded to mobilize sports and action content, will showcase for the first time – CloseVU Producer – at the NAB 2007 Exhibition, held in Las Vegas NV from April 16-19, on stand SL12410. CloseVU Producer takes fast-action video such as sports programs and applies the most advanced video processing algorithms and motion tracking techniques to display razor sharp, picture perfect close-ups on mobile devices.

CloseVU is also part of the NAB Broadcast Engineering Conference. Conference attendees can see the CloseVU presentation “The Money Shot” at the Broadcast Engineering Conference on Wednesday, April 18.

CloseVU Producer – Adapting Video for Mobile Devices

Technology Premier at NAB – CloseVU Producer gives picture editors and content teams the ability to quickly adapt conventional HD and SD media to produce a compelling viewing experience for mobile devices. Sports video is usually produced for the wide/big screen. It can be hard to keep track of the action (or the player or ball) and the large-scale format doesn‘t translate well to handsets. The big screen action gets lost in the small viewing area of most cell phones and PDAs.

The CloseVU Producer, with its powerful Smart Zoom features, solves the problem with a couple of quick clicks. The resulting video is properly scaled, zoomed, and focused on the critical action – the ball, the athlete, the hit …or the miss. The mobile device viewer gets an up-close and personal viewing experience of all the action. It literally jumps off your phone‘s screen.

High-Octane Content and Dynamic Graphics

Visitors to the CloseVU booth can experience the quick and easy workflow of the CloseVU Producer. See just how easy it is to create mobile-friendly content that scales to just the right size for optimum viewing on small screens. Target your scene and Smart Zoom computes all the proper framing parameters, focuses on the object of interest, fine tunes and stabilizes the images for a “natural” camera view that fits your mobile screen.

The Money Shot: Postproduction Workflows for Delivering HDTV Sports Content for Mobile TV

Broadcast Engineering Conference, April 18, 2007 at 3 PM LVCC S226/227: CloseVU‘s Chief Technology Officer Michael Birenboim details the challenges faced by sports broadcasters as they evaluate the mobile marketplace. Viewers expect to see their sports in high-definition and broadcasters are delivering the big file format with stunning results. The challenge remains in how to deliver this sough-after content in an engaging and interactive way to mobile handsets. But with challenge comes opportunity – including ways that new mobile channels can bring new branding and revenue opportunities. Join Michael in this presentation of new postproduction technologies and workflows for re-purposing HDTV sports content for mobile devices.

For more information about CloseVU at NAB 2007 or to schedule a private appointment, please contact David Amselem at

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About CloseVU

CloseVU is an innovative start-up that develops post-production tools that will aid video editors to adapt video content to formats that are optimally viewed on the small screen of Mobile TV. CloseVU products are aimed mainly to content creators, television stations, and mobile telecom operators. CloseVU has developed unique image processing algorithms technology which will adapt and repurpose original HD or SD video content to Mobile TV. CloseVU is supported by The AmShav Technology Innovation Center, located at Sde Boker College at the edge of Israel‘s Negev. (