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Click 3X’s Scibinico Scores IAB MIXX Awards

Sounds Like Click’s Emmy Award-winning Composer and Sound Designer/Mixer Brian Scibinico recently created several pieces of original music for the IAB MIXX Awards, the all-star interactive awards event. The tracks, which will debut at the Oct. 4 ceremony, are a deft mixture of modern electronic and classical music.

The first piece, which accompanies the opening show graphics, is a two-minute, high-energy track featuring a massive break-beat, intense staccato violins, soaring horns, and bubbly acid lines. Four additional one-minute pieces run during other parts of the ceremony. Each is sonically related to the opening piece, with the same sound palette, but with subtle modifications to perfectly accentuate the show’s moment.

“The various pieces are all different enough so as to distinguish themselves as specific moods for different parts of the show,” noted Scibinico. “Sounds Like Click is dedicated to providing high-end, cutting-edge music to Click 3X clients, and this project was no exception. It was a creative pleasure to work on and was well received by everyone involved.”

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Click 3X and its interactive division ClickFire Media create engaging film, TV and web content. Positioned at the intersection of entertainment, advertising, and technology, the studios work in tandem or autonomously. Click 3X shoots, edits, designs, animates and creates VFX, while ClickFire Media brings those disciplines into the interactive space. Click 3X operates a full service, 11,000 square foot state of the art studio in Manhattan outfitted with 50 fulltime staffers. In 2010 audio post-production division, Sounds Like Click was launched to provide sound design, mixing and original music services.

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