Civilian Studios Finds All The Things That Matter, All In One Place With; Lead Spot “Joshua� Wins Google TV For All First Prize Winner

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For its launch rollout, startup engaged production company Civilian Studios in an ongoing collaboration tailored for micro-targeted advertising strategy. The relationship is emblematic of Civilian’s methodology and is a natural fit with Director Diane Paragas’ roots in documentary experiences and brand promotions. The inaugural spot, “Joshua� launches this week and was just named the Google TV for ALL First Place Winner. To view:

Named for Marcel Proust and his famous questionnaire, is a new online site that allows family and friends to capture life stories, thoughts and aspirations with compelling and engaging questions. The company cast a wide net for its launch execution, meeting with ad agencies and other companies to find the right match, among them Diane Paragas of Civilian Studios. Civilian’s Andrew Cuomo campaign and the global travel 30-part webisodic for American Airlines were among the projects that caught the eye of’s founding team. Fortuitously, Diane Paragas had filmed a documentary about her parents’ lives the year before, and she used the material to illustrate her vision for the campaign. The core concept was built around real people and stories prompted by the very questions found on Drawing on her breadth of experience in documentary, Paragas emphasized the idea of producing a body of material with a range of real people subjects, from which spots could be honed to micro-target the potential end user. “We were impressed with Diane’s vision for the campaign and its execution,� says General Manager Tom Cortese. “ was built with a great deal of heart and capturing the emotion of the site was imperative -- they nailed it." Working with House Casting, Diane interviewed over one hundred people for the campaign with the Proust questions. The interviews were compelling and often emotional, with an intimate candor developed between interviewer and subject. The finalists were filmed in a multi-day shoot with DP wunderkind Khalid Mohtsahab using the small spaces capability of the Canon 5D to transform locations within NY’s SoHo House into richly textured, diverse environments. Civilian Studios’ EP Sam Milgrim, a former Executive Producer at DDB, produced the campaign. On set, Paragas edited a rough version of the inaugural spot “Joshua� which was submitted to, and won, the Google TV for ALL competition. Backed by a track by Aimee Man, “Joshua,� features photographs that move in and out of focus while Joshua explains a missed opportunity to document his grandparent’s lives as a catalyst for writing and sharing his story for future generations. The second commercial, “Little Person,� is an emotional montage of people and places that speaks to the discovery potential in all of us. The campaign features a total of 10 spots, with the plan to create more to suit communities of potential users. “We think this is the future of our industry; working with agencies and brands over the long-term and providing creative content that can be applied to various outlets,� says Paragas, an award-winning director. “By defining a team that has agency backgrounds, multifaceted directing experience and a passion for technology, we can partner with different clients in a flexible way. The collaboration is proof that it works is rewarding for everyone involved.� About Civilian Studios: Civilian Studios is a full service production company that creates commercials, documentaries, TV programs and branded content. Civilian Studios has a broad range of services, whether it's producing an engaging documentary for PBS, a multipart branded content site for a fortune 500 company, or a strategizing, writing and directing a commercial campaign to launch an upstart web company. With a team of award-winning dynamic and visionary directors and producers, Civilian Studios always brings a level of creativity and integrity to any project. For more on the company, please visit:

. You can also delve into the world of Civilian and Diane Paragas on her blog:

. Credits: Client: GM: Tom Cortese Marking & PR: Stacy Simpson Production/Editorial: Civilian Studios Director: Diane Paragas Executive Producer: Sam Milgrim Writers: Diane Paragas, Susan Perlbachs DP: Khalid Mohtsaheb Editor: Diane Paragas Casting: HOUSE casting Location: Soho House Music: Yessian “Joshua� track: Aimee Mann



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