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Cinnafilm® Releases New, Advanced Software Through Growing Network of Global Resellers/Distributors



® has recently signed agreements with a number of prominent global Resellers/Distributors to extend the reach of newly released Dark Energy and other Cinnafilm products. “We have a goal of complete global coverage by the end of the first quarter, 2011,� said Vice President of Operations, Ernie Sanchez. “The inquiries and requests for our latest technology, Dark Energy Tachyon™ and Dark Energy Texture Manager™, come in from a new country weekly, and we are developing relationships with some of the strongest technology representatives out there to meet those needs.�

Cinnafilm’s game changing technology for file based workflows was originally sold as Relativity through the global sales network of

ARRI, Inc.

Alan Davis, Vice-President of Sales stated: “As we expand beyond our initial relationship with ARRI, it is critical to partner with the right companies both in the USA and internationally. There are resellers all over the world with exceptional technical abilities and client relationships and we have been sought out by many of them to represent our latest technology.�

While the Relativity technology is still available through ARRI, Cinnafilm has advanced their Pixel Strings® GPU-based motion estimation engine to a very mature 4th generation to be the muscle behind the precise results of Tachyon and Texture Manager.

Dark Energy Tachyon provides file-based format/standards/up/down/cross conversions for both compressed and uncompressed sources in a hybrid, ultra-simple Graphical User/Command Line Interface. The GUI allows for quick, on the fly conversions while the CLI enables ANY management platform to kick-off a conversion of entire libraries with no human intervention.

Recognizing file types can vary from facility to facility, Cinnafilm has chosen to integrate the popular


® CODEC library into Dark Energy Tachyon. The resulting combination is a platform that produces sharp, beautiful images while enabling users to address nearly any delivery format required.

Cinnafilm’s® patent-pending denoise/degrain technology, Dark Energy Texture Manager, is powered by the same, powerful Pixel Strings engine as found in Tachyon, but is tailored to meet the demands of precision image optimization. Coloring, compositing, archiving, and image compression becomes significantly easier and more effective when images are pre-optimized with Dark Energy.

High profile cinematographers like Shane Hurlbut, ASC, have affirmed the benefits of using Dark Energy Texture Manager to perfect DSLR acquired images. 16mm content can be “cleaned� for high-def cable providers without losing any detail or sharpness. Lance Maurer, President of Cinnafilm, said, “Superb images, no loss of detail, near real-time processing for 2k files, and simplified ease of use. There is simply no faster or more accurate solution for denoise/degrain than Dark Energy Texture Manager.�

The growing list of Resellers/Distributors, who will extend the availability of Cinnafilm software throughout the globe, are available at


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Ernie Sanchez