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New York City - October 24, 2006 - At the NAB New York Content Creation convention, Cinital (TM) LLC (

), an emerging developer of next-generation visual effects tools, today announced the availability of Previzion (TM) HD Studio, the company‘s robust, end-to-end virtual studio solution that offers affordable, advanced camera motion tracking and scene integration technology for rapid previsualization and visual effects creation. Previzion effectively integrates the complete visual effects pipeline into one application, including 3D camera tracking, live video I/O, keying, 3D background rendering, compositing and real-time color correction. Prevision enables accurate matching of live action foregrounds and computer generated backgrounds. The new system ships after NAB New York, running October 24-26 at New York‘s Javits Convention Center. [Editors‘ Note: Cinital will be demonstrating at Booth #125.]

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“Previzion was inspired by the desire to create stunning moving images without the repetitious, time consuming and expensive process of traditional visual effects post production,” says Cinital Founder Eliot Mack. “With advances in today‘s real-time graphics engine technology, Previzion offers creative professionals working outside of a large, established production or post production facility unparalleled access to advanced visual effects. The system is very easy to use and significantly less expensive than other products with comparable camera tracking and video processing capabilities. Now, cinematic professionals will have the flexibility to make the projects they‘ve always wanted to, not just the projects they could afford.”

“A virtual studio rig is usually the kind of product that small studios on a limited budget can only dream about. But with the ability to instantly track and match camera motion to virtual environments and to perform high-quality, real-time keying, Cinital Previzion changes everything,” says Aharon Rabinowitz, creative director, All Bets Are Off Productions. “Any studio working with a mix of live action and CGI elements, whether for previsualization, live broadcast, or post production work will want to get their hands on this powerful and yet incredibly low-cost solution.”

About Prevision HD Studio

Previzion defines a new category in virtual set systems. Relying on advanced 2D, 3D, and motion tracking technology, Prevision provides small video production groups and independent filmmakers a sophisticated VFX production tool without the need for specialized technical knowledge in keying, match moving or compositing. Previzion enables artists to import 3D texture mapped models and high-resolution 2D digital photographs, and mix them with live video. The system also enables incorporation of visual effects techniques such as camera projection mapping and matte painting. Using the industry-standard FBX file format, camera motion data can be easily recorded and imported into leading 3D applications including Autodesk Maya and 3ds max, SOFTIMAGE|XSI, Luxology Modo, Cinema 4D, and others.

Previzion‘s streamlined workflow and easy integration with existing studio grade video infrastructure frees digital artists to focus on the creative process. Cinematic professionals can tackle more ambitious productions than ever, instead of scouting locations, acquiring permits or worrying about background lighting. Now, filmmakers can simply connect their video cameras to the supplied HDSDI input and tracking sensors, mount the included tracking target grid overhead, and load pre-created 3D scenes. When shooting, Previzion‘s superior real-time keyer cleanly matches the virtual background to the live action foreground, and sends the integrated shot to the live HDSDI output. The camera tracking system in Previzion is self-calibrating and capable of tracking a wide range of dramatic moves, including dolly, crane, and handheld shots. For use in previsualization, Previzion can record the motion of the camera to a separate file, for later use in a variety of post production environments.

Previzion‘s powerful creative engine and intuitive interface helps empower producers and filmmakers as never before, all at a price significantly lower than comparable virtual set systems. The system, which includes a 6' x 6' collapsible aluminum tracking grid, is lightweight and portable, helping even ambitious productions to operate very quickly and with a smaller crew.

Highlights of Previzion HD Studio include:

Previzion HD Studio features numerous features and performance enhancements. Highlights include:

• Improved overhead tracking target grid system - Previzion incorporates an advanced optical recognition engine and an overhead grid of tracking targets. The included collapsible, lightweight aluminum truss locates targets precisely and mounts easily in most environments. A drop ceiling based tracking grid option is also available for office environments.

• Enhanced tracking resolution and speed - Previzion provides high resolution, high speed real-time tracking. Together with superior horizontal and vertical motion tracking envelopes, this enables dramatic and sweeping camera moves including professional boom, jib, handheld and Steadicam shots. It calculates the position and orientation of the scene camera automatically, without calibration, and is compatible with standard production gear.

• Superior camera lens zoom tracking - Improved technology enables real-time camera lens zoom tracking during a shot. Previzion uses a geared encoder wheel that is compatible with most industry-standard manual zoom lenses such as the Canon 16X manual servo zoom lens. The system mounts to the included standard 15mm x 60 mm rail system.

• Improved motion tracking envelope - The horizontal tracking area in Previzion is limited

largely by the available ceiling area. The vertical motion tracking envelope allows for 10-feet of vertical camera motion. As all six degrees of freedom of the camera are tracked, the camera can move and zoom wherever it needs to in order to make the shot, thereby enhancing creative freedom.

• Production excellence - Previzion integrates all of the capabilities required for virtual production into a single application and integrates easily with existing studio infrastructure. It works natively with 1920x1080 resolution high definition video and uses the industry-standard FBX file format for compatibility with leading 3D content creation applications. The system uses 4:2:2 HDSDI video inputs and outputs, and a 32-bit floating point RGBA compositing engine that does not incur degradation of the source signal. It has a 40,000 suggested polygon count limit per scene. Previzion includes a HDSDI breakout box for instant access to the system‘s video connections. The video and graphics processing systems conveniently fit into a single 3U rack mounted enclosure.

• Streamlined workflow - Previzion ships with a 6' x 6' collapsible aluminum tracking grid and is lightweight, portable and simple to set up. Ease of transport enables small production teams to “bring the studio to the set” - anywhere, at any time, to capture subjects and locations regardless of availability, light or weather restrictions. This ‘on-the-go‘ workflow is especially ideal for productions that need to adapt to rapidly changing locations. Its integrated open-ended architecture provides controls for instant visual feedback, control and precision.

• Creative empowerment - Previzion lets artists focus on creating. Without the forced pressures of location shooting, productions are more manageable. Directors can experiment with shot blocking, 3D artists can test drive their layouts, and editors can get instant footage for cutting - all without the need for additional technical staff.

• Affordable cost of entry - Previzion catapults virtual set production into the realm of affordability for small film and video production teams, at approximately 20 percent of the cost of existing high end systems. Automation of the traditionally time-consuming tasks of match-moving, keying, and compositing allows production teams to operate very quickly with a small crew.

System Specifications

• Physical Dimensions:

o Width: 17" w (fits standard 19" equipment rack)

o Height: 3U (5.25”)

o Depth: 25" (from front mounting flange)

o Weight: 50 lbs

• Camera Motion Tracking Envelope:

o Pan: 360 degrees

o Tilt: +/- 60 degrees

o Roll: +/- 60 degrees

o Zoom: included encoder tracks most manual lenses

o Horizontal: 25‘ x 25‘, with optional upgrades up to 100‘ x 100‘

o Vertical (Z axis) - 10 feet

• Virtual Set Files

o File format : FBX

o Suggested scene polygon count limit per scene: 40 K

• Platform Specifications

o Operating system: Windows XP


o 120GB Hard Drive Storage

Video specifications

• Video Formats

o NTSC, PAL standard definition video

o 1280 x 720p and 1920 x 1080p high definition video

o Progressive scan camera recommended for high motion scenes

• Video Input/Output

o Component serial digital over HDSDI or SDI

• Audio Input/Output

o AES digital audio I/O available Q1 2007

Pricing and Availability

Cinital‘s Previzion HD Studio is available on the Windows operating system. It is scheduled for shipping in early November. Cinital integrated hardware/software products are currently available directly from the company. Pricing for Previzion HD Studio is $45,000. The company plans to release Previzion HD Studio for the Linux platform in 2007. For sales inquiries, please email Cinital at


About Cinital

Cinital LLC, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is an emerging developer of 3D virtual studio technology solutions. Founded in 2003, the company‘s next generation cinematic solution, Previzion HD Studio, is an end-to-end virtual studio system that incorporates camera motion tracking and scene integration for rapid previsualization or visual effects creation. Geared to a wide range of users - independent filmmakers, corporate video producers, cinema producers, and broadcasters, among other creative professionals - Previzion offers access to sophisticated 3D visual effects tools without the cost barriers associated with existing high end systems. Previzion integrated hardware/software production tools are currently available directly from Cinital. For more information, visit


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