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CINEMA AUDIO SOCIETY TO PRESENT “THE DIGITAL GAMPLAN: Successful Workflow Approaches on Set thru Post!”

Los Angeles—Cinema Audio Society President, Edward L. Moskowitz, CAS today announced the next Cinema Audio Society Seminar. “This year our Digital Gameplan Seminar is continuing to demonstrate our goal of dedication to the advancement of sound by discussing digital workflow rules and procedures for navigating the digital highway. This seminar stands in the tradition of previous standing room only cutting edge seminars the CAS has conducted in previous years and CAS board member John Coffey has created what will be an educational and cutting edge event,â€? said Moskowitz in making this announcement.

The seminar is offered at no cost and the audience is: Members of the CAS, MPSE, AES, SMPTE, IA Locals 600 (Camera), 695 (Sound), 700 (Editors), DGA, PGA, facilities, manufacturers, film students and anyone involved in the motion picture film and television industry is invited and welcome to attend.

The event will take place at the Sony Studios in Culver City on January 8, 2011 in the Cary Grant Theatre.

Here are the all the details:


Saturday, Jan 8, 2011 – Free admission


Sony Studios, 10202 W. Washington, Culver City- Cary Grant Theatre


Enter at Madison Gate

Who Is Invited:

ALL CAS MEMBERS, MPSE, SMPTE, AES, IA LOCALS 600 CAMERA, 695 SOUND, 700 EDITORS, DGA, PRODUCERS, FACILITIES, MANUFACTURERS, FILM STUDENTS and everyone involved in the motion picture film and television industry are invited!



(An RSVP is not necessary, but is preferred)

SEMINAR # 1: 10 am – 11:45 am
Workflow Procedures for Getting the Most out of Digital Cameras.

Speakers will discuss proper workflows for using Panavison Genesis, Sony F35, Arri Alexa, Canon 5D, RED & Panasonic, on thru the AVID and Pro Tools. A “Workflow White Paper for the Pros� will be handed out to the audiences at both seminars.

SEMINAR #2: 12:00 noon – 1:45pm
Digital Workflow Approaches from Production thru the Post Process.

Avid Media Composer and Pro Tools experts, including Scott Wood from Avid Professional Services, will discuss standard workflows for HD projects from production through post.

Navigating the digital highway:

This seminar offers a basic end to end understanding, which will allow people to more clearly see how their decisions affect the rest of the workflow pipeline. It is for all those along the entire chain of Camera, Production Sound & the Post Production Picture and Sound Departments. Hear it from the experts! Be prepared for the higher expectations as the technology continues to evolve.

Current camera, sound and editorial equipment will be on display in the lobby for your hands-on experience. You may attend one or both seminars. Other topics may include how to stay in total sync throughout your production with a focus on 3D and HD issues, dual system sound, proper codecs, bit depth, file formats, metadata, cross resolving, sample rates, track naming, polyphonic, monophonic, audio to the camera, impedance, signal quality, tri-level sync, off-sets, new media, deliverables, commercial compliance, a wireless spectrum update and much more!