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CineForm Launches CineDDR DX As Fully-Integrated System for File-Based Recording, Playback, and File Conversion

CineDDR DX Enhances CineDDR’s HD-SDI Recording Software With Turnkey System Integration; Simplifies Implementation, Reduces Cost of Ownership for Studios, Facilities

Solana Beach, CA, August 5, 2009

– CineForm®, Inc. (

), creators of high-fidelity compression-based workflow solutions for the post production marketplace, today announced the immediate availability of CineDDR DX, the Company’s first fully-integrated disk-based recording, playback, and file/format conversion system. Built with professional studios and post-production facilities in mind, CineDDR DX provides a fully-supported system for customers who require the benefits of an accelerated file-based post production workflow with the added benefit of a professionally designed, fully-supported and tested integrated system. CineDDR DX offers up to 10 hours of dual-link HD/2K direct-to-disk recording and playout as an alternative to tape formats, plus also includes CineForm’s Neo4K software which supports file-based I/O and post-processing operations with spatial resolution up to 4K.

The turnkey CineDDR DX is built on the newly-launched CineDDR software platform, which combines CineForm’s respected 12-bit mastering-quality compression with Drastic Technologies’ expertise in professional DDR technology. CineDDR enables an accelerated workflow by creating media files that are immediately usable in post production – a significant development beyond tape workflows whose recording formats are not widely supported in post-production. Further, CineDDR DX offers master/slave VTR emulation allowing it to replace tape formats for most professional workflows.

“The positive market response to our recent announcement for CineDDR software reinforces the industry momentum we observe away from the expense and workflow limitations imposed by professional tape formats,� said David Taylor, CEO and co-founder of CineForm, Inc. “Our most important goal with CineDDR DX was to offer a turnkey product replacement for tape decks such as HDCAM SR within professional workflows, but at a price point many times lower than tape. At the same time we wanted to offer many workflow enhancements in the same package, such as support for DPX file conversion, Red R3D file conversion, and many others that can only be implemented with file-based systems such as CineDDR DX.�

CineDDR DX: What’s Included

Offering up to 20 hours of HD recording, CineDDR DX records into and plays out of CineForm compressed files which exceed the visual quality of tape formats. The VTR control and data interface appears to external devices as a tape deck, yet its data files offer the added convenience of a tapeless post-production workflow compatible with all QuickTime (MOV) or DirectShow (AVI) applications on both Windows and Mac. CineDDR DX includes CineForm’s Neo 4K software plus QuickClipXO and ShotBox software from Drastic Technologies to further enhance workflow efficiency.

Among other features, CineDDR DX includes:

Dual-link CineDDR software for recording/playout of CineForm files

9-pin VTR emulation and control interface

Storage up to 1.5TB offering:
20+ hours of 10-bit CineForm 4:2:2 storage OR
10+ hours of 12-bit CineForm 4:4:4 storage

OS: Windows XP 32-bit; (Mac pending)

HD-SDI and Component I/O

Dual-port 4 Gbps fiber-channel interface

Quad-port RS-422 for independent master/slave control including cables

Network-based record/play interface

CineForm’s Neo 4K software supporting:
File conversions into CineForm files from DPX, R3D, XCDAM HD/EX, HDV, AVCHD
File conversions from CineForm files into: DPX
Spatial resampling between various HD and SD formats
Telecine removal: 24p from 60i
Frame rate change including slow motion between most common frame rates.
First Light non-destructive and renderless color processing

Drastic QuickClipXO software which offers batch timecode capture and playout capability

Drastic ShotBox software for remote selection of clips plus live playout control

Rack mountable 3U form factor.

Pricing and Availability

CineDDR DX turnkey units are available for order and are priced at $19,995.

CineDDR software many be integrated by end users and is available for Windows (Mac pending) in both single-link ($2500) and dual-link ($4000) versions. The Windows version of CineDDR software is available for purchase and trial download from CineForm’s website. The Mac version of CineDDR software will be available in the coming weeks.

About Drastic Technologies®

Drastic Technologies Ltd, founded in 1991, is a major industry provider of products for digital media capture, control, conversion and delivery. These products are sold as software only applications or as part of a complete DDR solution built and certified by Drastic. Drastic’s head office is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Drastic Technologies Ltd has resellers and distributors operating in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

About CineForm

CineForm Inc. develops compression-based workflow solutions for the post production marketplace. Offering the industry’s highest fidelity compression technology, CineForm is trusted among Hollywood filmmakers, television producers, videographers and digital media artists who rely on high image quality, high performance and innovative compression-based workflow solutions with up to 4k spatial resolutions for their online content creation projects. Available on both Windows and Mac platforms, CineForm workflow solutions are optimized for direct-to-disk camera recording, high-resolution post production and long-term content archives. For more information, visit


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