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Leaders in broadcast, mobile OB and entertainment go tapeless and enjoy faster, more cost-effective file-based workflows

Cinedeck LLC (

, pioneering developer of mobile capture systems for motion picture and broadcast production, is shipping

Cinedeck MX

. The new, ground-breaking, multi-channel recorder is now delivering unparalleled codec versatility and extreme file-based performance to broadcast, mobile OB and post facilities, enabling them to take advantage of fully-tapeless workflows.

Cinedeck MX - now shipping

Among the first customers for Cinedeck MX are NBC Universal and All Mobile Video, which is equipping its outside broadcast fleet with multiple Cinedeck MX systems. Cinedeck MX gets its worldwide debut at IBC 2012, Amsterdam (Hall 10.B44).

Cinedeck MX is a rack-mountable, solid-state recording, monitoring and playback system. It is built on the successful technology pioneered by the award-winning Cinedeck EX and Cinedeck RX recording systems, and is packed with the latest features to maximize file-based production and post, delivering substantial time and cost savings.

Cinedeck MX delivers: unmatched native codec capture diversity to eliminate time-consuming ingest and transcode processes; up to four channels per system, with multiple encodes per input channel; the most flexible connectivity and editorial workflow options; a small physical footprint; plus ground-breaking versatility on multi-camera, 2D/3D stereo projects. It delivers the workflow flexibility of recording to internal removable drives, to local attached storage or to direct to network storage. It also combines Cinedeck’s renowned intuitive touchscreen interface with familiar manual jog/shuttle controls, reducing training time and speeding deployment.

“Cinedeck is in lockstep with the industry need to move away from the shackles of legacy equipment into faster, more versatile, tapeless workflows,” said Eric Duke, CEO of AMV in New York. “Like the Cinedeck RX, the new Cinedeck MX has replaced the traditional tapedeck and is a real opportunity to revolutionize the workflow from capture into post production. Our clients are excited about the cost savings we can pass on to them, and the new workflow options available to them.”

Charles Dautremont, CEO of Cinedeck, commented, “We know from our collaborative R&D with customers just how eager they are to go tapeless. For the price, a single Cinedeck MX not only supplants multiple tapedecks, but also provides them with dramatic savings over the purchase and installation of other ancillary equipment typically used in a machine room. With its networking flexibility too, Cindeck MX can easily fit into a wide range of workflows.”

Cinedeck MX vs. the tapedeck:

With a price point as low as $12,500 per recording channel, Cinedeck MX can provide more than an 80% cost saving against the purchase of a traditional tapedeck alone. It also saves on the additional shipping, power and auxiliary equipment costs associated with tape.

A single Cinedeck MX can be easily configured to undertake the tasks of four tapedecks and, with a 4RU footprint, takes up 75% less physical space. It has built-in waveform, vectorscope, histogram monitoring and focus tools to ensure the right set-up, doing away with expenditure on additional devices for image analysis.

With its sheer range of native codec choice, multiple realtime codec delivery options, plus realtime up/down/cross conversion capabilities, Cinedeck MX eliminates time-consuming and costly transcoding processes. It also provides the freedom of choice for other equipment in the camera-to-editorial workflow, by not tying users into just one vendor’s codec of choice.

Delivering on the promise of file-based workflow advantages, Cinedeck MX slashes the time and cost of getting material from production to post to air. Material is delivered to post production in the appropriate ready-to-edit codec, direct to a playout server in the transmission-ready format, or stored in longterm archive.

Cinedeck MX product highlights:

Operation & Controls:

Cinedeck MX combines Cinedeck’s renowned and easy-to-operate 7” touchscreen interface with familiar manual Jog/Shuttle and deck controls. It can also be remote-controlled via popular RS-422 VTR/DDR protocols, and supports third-party control devices via USB connection. Cinedeck MX will ship with Cinedeck Controller, a TCP/IP based application enabling multiple Cinedeck MX systems to be managed from any PC, or via a browser, with no additional hardware requirements.


Cinedeck MX has eight easily removable SSD drives, with in-built redundancy for security of assets, with capture resolutions including HD – 1080i, 1080p, 1080PsF, 720p, HD – 2K, 4K, and SD – PAL/NTSC, 480. It offers mix and match encode, with up to four camera/channel inputs, with both master and proxy. It can also be configured to record stereoscopic 3D material in any of the supported codecs.

Codec support:

Cinedeck MX delivers unparalleled codec support for Avid, Apple and a wide range of other popular standards, so that footage is immediately ready for editing in popular editors such as Apple Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas and GV Edius. Codec support includes: Avid DNxHD and DNx444, Avid Meridien JFIF; Apple ProRes (including 4444), CineForm and uncompressed 444 (10-bit) or 422 (8- or 10-bit); AVC-I 100/50; XDCAM HD50/XDCAM EX35; DVCPRO-HD; H.264, DPX and DNG.

Workflow flexibility:

Cinedeck MX provides extensive workflow possibilities with the ability to record internally to cost-effective, front-accessible drives, to local attached storage, or directly to network storage.


Cinedeck MX monitors video in realtime via a high-resolution, 7″ touchscreen display. It provides users with a comprehensive array of image analysis tools – including edge enhancement for focus assist, clipping, waveform, vectorscope and histogram.


Users can review shots instantly in realtime, and in any order, via the touchscreen display, or external HD-SDI or HDMI monitors – allowing instant QC.


Redundant file creation on separate local discs and redundant hot swappable power supplies protect material during capture.

I/O & Connectivity:

Cinedeck MX can be deployed in any post-production or broadcast environment, via a wide choice of video, audio, and IT connections including SD, HD, Single and Dual Link, 3G and 3D stereo. It supports realtime up/down/cross conversion, enabling the painless transition to different production formats. For 3D stereo, it captures via HDMI or HD-SDI, and offers the widest variety of codecs for stereoscopic recording in one device, with footage immediately available for editorial and VFX post production.

Pricing and Availability:

Cinedeck MX priced at $49,390 USD. To find your nearest reseller, please visit


Founded by cinematographers, and headquartered in the heart of New York City, USA, Cinedeck manufactures innovative, touchscreen recording systems for use with all popular digital cinematography cameras. Along with on-set monitoring, playback and quality control capabilities, these recorders also unify camera-to-post workflows by offering the industry’s most comprehensive range of edit-ready output formats. Cinedeck EX, the industry’s first camera-mountable device, has proven essential to the workflow on hundreds of TV and cinema productions, and has won TV Technology’s “2010 STAR Award”, the “2010 Vidy Award,” and DV Magazine’s “Award of Excellence”. Continuing this pioneering spirit, Cinedeck LLC has addressed the challenges of the mobile OB broadcaster with its Cinedeck RX rack-mounted, multi-format recorder, monitor and playback system. Cinedeck RX was awarded the prestigious “2011 Pick Hit Award at IBC 2011” from Broadcast Engineering Magazine. The new Cinedeck MX builds on the company’s proven technology platform to offer fully-tapeless workflow for broadcast and cinema entertainment production and post. For more information, visit