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Cinedeck LLC Announces the ‘Cinedeck SI-3D’ Recorder at NAB 2010; Innovative New Portable Recorder for 12-Bit RAW Uncompressed Stereo 3D

NEW YORK, NY (April 12, 2010)

— Cinedeck LLC (

) today announced it has collaborated with Silicon Imaging to introduce its new portable Cinedeck SI-3D solid-state recorder at the National Association of Broadcasters Convention this week in Las Vegas. The lightweight recorder can simultaneously capture 12-bit RAW 2K or HD images from two SI-2K cameras, or from the new SI-3D stereo camera. The Cinedeck SI-3D processes content for real-time viewing and storage on removable 2.5″ SATA SSD drives. A single 250GB SSD is capable of storing about 30 minutes of uncompressed stereo 2K footage, including audio and timecode, or up to two hours of stereo material using the CineFormRAW QuickTime codec.

The Cinedeck SI-3D includes an easy-to-use, 7� touch-screen interface providing filmmakers with access to all camera settings, including resolution, frame-rate, white balance, stereo adjustment and 3D-LUT color processing. The Cinedeck SI-3D high-brightness HD LCD display can show the left- and right-eye channels individually, or combined in anaglyph, 50-50, wiggle, split-screen or side-by-side views. These tools are provided to monitor camera alignment and parallax without the need for special 3D displays or glasses. It also features a built-in Ambient Clockit timecode generator and reader. 

Stereoscopic content is recorded to a single QuickTime file with all associated color and convergence metadata. The footage can be edited immediately, without prior rendering or format conversions.

“In the past six months alone we have witnessed a tremendous rise in the demand for 3D movies, and consequently, our customers are clamoring for innovative solutions to the 3D production process. Collaborating with Silicon Imaging to extend our newest innovations to 3D was a natural next step for Cinedeck,� said Charles d’Autremont, creator of Cinedeck. “The SI-3D camera and Cinedeck SI-3D recorder enables portable stereo shooting with unprecedented image quality and we’re excited to see our customers’ reaction to our latest developments.�

Weighing in at just 3.8 lbs., the Cinedeck SI-3D is ideal for Steadicam applications and shoulder rig documentary-style shooting. The Cinedeck SI-3D offers composite video output, ideal for RF monitoring or an SVGA output for the Silicon Imaging OLED Electronic Viewfinder. 

The Cinedeck SI-3D was developed in conjunction with Cinedeck LLC, a leader in ultra-portable HD recorders. 

Key Features of the New Cinedeck SI-3D Recorder:
– 7″ LCD HD Touchscreen (1024 x 600)
– Dual Intel Pro/1000 Gigabit Ethernet Input
– Quad Core Intel Processing
– VGA or TV Output for external Viewing
– 2.5″ SATA SSD Drive Slot
– USB (x2), eSATA (x1)
– Battery Mount
– 9-28V Power Input

See the Cinedeck SI-3D Recorder at NAB:

Visitors to NAB can see Cinedeck SI-3D at Band Pro Film & Digital, (C10308); Cinedeck, (SL10323); Steadicam-Tiffen, (C8818); ZGC/P+S Technik, (C5348) and Element Technica (C12326). 

For more information:;


About Cinedec

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