Chris Craymer Joins IDENTITY for Commercial Representation

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New York, NY – International British photographer and director Chris Craymer has joined IDENTITY for commercial representation in the U.S. and France. A prolific fashion and celebrity photographer in the U.K. and the U.S., Craymer first began extending his talents into the commercial realm by directing two successful campaigns for Dove. Additional work for Tommy Hilfiger, Billabong, Avon and Jergens soon followed, officially establishing Craymer as a creative force in both advertising production and photography. 

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A self-taught artist, Craymer brings an approachable portrait-like visual style to the diverse IDENTITY roster. His eye for authenticity allows him to capture moments that are grounded in reality yet infused with spontaneous charm and energy, helping to foster a genuine connection between viewer and subject. As a photographer, Craymer has collaborated with leading brands such as Neiman Marcus, Bacardi, Clarins, Target, Wal-Mart, Old Navy, Johnson & Johnson, Gap, Harrod’s, Kohl’s, Macy’s and Neutrogena, with his images appearing in top fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazines across the globe including Vogue, Vanity Fair, Esquire, Madame Figaro, Glamour and Entertainment Weekly. He has also published two books of photography, “Romance” and “In London”, which capture intimate glimpses of authentic couples and Londoners.

“By nature, I’m very collaborative, and I believe that a director needs a great support team to succeed. After meeting with IDENTITY, I was immediately drawn to their values and way of working. My still and motion photography are completely married together, which they not only understand but also encourage,” Craymer noted.

“I have always been a fan of Chris’ photography and began hearing his name a lot in the ad world. I found his spots online and thought they were beautiful; he is a great stills photographer who also understands the art of making commercials,” said Joe Masi, executive producer, IDENTITY. “After meeting with Chris and his stills rep Sarah Laird, I knew I wanted to work with them instantly. Now, we are able to offer agencies a great commercial and print team, with Chris leading the way.”

For still photography, Craymer continues to be represented by Sarah Laird & Good Company. More information on Craymer and his work can be viewed here:


In a world where sameness is on the rise, IDENTITY wins by imprinting every project with visual sophistication and refreshing individuality. Leveraging a highly-sought after directorial roster, Owner/EP Joe Masi has made his mark on award-winning work for Nintendo, Honda, Budweiser, 7UP, Tommy Hilfiger, Infiniti, and Gucci. IDENTITY fosters and supports an environment where creativity can flourish. Headlining the visual-style genre, IDENTITY’s directors cover the complete range of storytelling and effects. IDENTITY’s directorial roster includes: Tony Barry, Javier Blanco, Sophie Caretta, Pierluca de Carlo, Laurent Chanez, Chris Craymer, Pamela Hanson, Leo Kocking, Mathilde De L’ecotais, Jean-Baptiste Leonetti and Andrew Walton.