Changing Roles Of Editors And Their Assistants Featured During AlphaDogs Post Editor's Lounge

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Burbank, CA- Burbank based AlphaDogs Post Production recently hosted their October Editor’s Lounge with over 100 people in attendance. Moderated by Journalist and owner of Moblized TV, Debra Kaufman, the panel consisted of seasoned industry veterans to include: Editor/Author Diana Friedberg, Assistant Editor Carsten Kurpanek, Editor/Author Steven Cohen, and Assistant Editor Peter Mergus. The topic of the October panel was “Editors and Assistant Editor Relationships�. A moderated panel discussion on the changes editing has gone through since becoming non-linear and how it’s impacted the career path of Assistant Editors in transitioning to full time Editors. One of the big changes the industry has experienced is that Assistant Editor’s are no longer working one on one with the Editors as they did in the early days of film. The relationship has become very isolated with work being done in separate rooms and duties being very different from each other. This makes it challenging to gain the experience needed to move into an editing role with on the job practical experience not being as prevalent as it used to be. The assistant’s duties have also become less creative and more technical with the Editor relying on their assistants to be more of a troubleshooter for any technical issue that may arise. In order to learn the art of editing in this new business model you have to be extremely pro-active and be willing to work for free to gain the practical experience needed to have a career in this field. Building personal relationships and networking within the genres you wish to work is one way to land your first gig. It’s not a linear career path like other fields. Having a mentor to teach you during off hours and being self-taught is crucial for success in today’s market. To view the entire panel discussion and learn more tips from the panelists please visit

About AlphaDogs: Founded in 2002, Burbank-based AlphaDogs, Inc. quickly established themselves as leaders and innovators in the rapidly changing digital post arena. The company maintains an early adopters edge; testing and assimilating leading technologies to keep ahead of the pack with solutions such as the RED camera and were the �rst post house in Los Angeles to take delivery of the Avid Symphony HD editing system. Personal attention from a seasoned award-winning team assures client satisfaction accompanies each cost-effective delivery of superior post production services—including editing, color correction, 5.1 audio, motion graphics, visual effects, DVDs, media transfers, duplication, production offices, and system rentals with 24/7 tech support. AlphaDogs is home to the popular Editors' Lounge and headquarters of the growing media transfer specialty service Digital Service Station; now serving California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois and Ohio. AlphaDogs is located at 1612 West Olive, Suite 200, Burbank, CA 91506.Visit the AlphaDogs team on the web:



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The Immersive Digital Experiences Alliance (IDEA) will launch at the 2019 NAB Show with the goal of creating a suite of royalty-free specifications that address all immersive media formats, including emerging light field technology. Founding members, including CableLabs®, Light Field Lab Inc, Otoy, and Visby, created IDEA to serve as an alliance of like-minded technology, infrastructure, and creative innovators working to facilitate the development of an end-to-end ecosystem for the capture, distribution, and display of immersive media.


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