Chandler Limited and EMI / Abbey Road Studios celebrate nomination of the TG Opto from their TG12345 historic series for the 34th annual NAMM TEC Awards.

Shell Rock, IA – July 2018… Chandler Limited, the only company in the world authorized to develop, manufacture and market the ‘Official Equipment’ of EMI/Abbey Road Studios, delivering the classic analog sounds that recording and professional musicians seek, and EMI Abbey Road Studios celebrate the nomination of the TG Opto compressor for the 34th annual NAMM TEC Awards.

The TG Opto compressor for the API 500 Series® format is the latest addition to the highly regarded Chandler Limited EMI/Abbey Road Studios historic series, and the first— aside from the TG Microphone Cassette counterpart —opto-based processor to bare the esteemed EMI brand.

Chandler Limited's TG Opto for 500 Series was launched alongside the TG12345 MKIV EQ— a TG12345 Curve Bender EQ for 500 Series —in the fall of 2017, thus completing the chain for the ultimate EMI TG12345 recording channel for API's 500 Series® format, when combined with the previously released TG2-500 preamp.

The TG Opto compressor descends from the TG1 Limiter and TG12413 Zener Limiter, and retains the much cherished EMI TG sound and spectacular drum crushing character its predecessors are known for. However, with the adaption of the venerable circuit and making use of an opto as an detection mechanism and the inclusion of a selectable ‘rounded’ knee, the TG Opto is easily capable of handling most sensitive of content— including vocals and other melodic material —where the act of compression is required to be less obvious.

Historically, the TG period begins in November 1968, with the installation of the EMI TG12345 recoding console in Abbey Road Studios’ Studio Two control room, replacing the REDD.51 vacuum tube based desk; the last of its breed. The new TG12345 recording console, featured a compressor and equalizer on every input cassette, and would go on to leave its unique quality on the Beatles album, ‘Abbey Road’. TG12345 mixing consoles became the central recording consoles in use throughout the Abbey Road until 1983 and used on countless records and film scores including, John Lennon’s ‘Plastic Ono Band’, George Harrison’s ‘All Things Must Pass’, Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side of The Moon’ and the 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' film soundtrack.

In the modern era, the TG's undeniably warm and smooth sound can be heard on many records and across a variety of instruments, and on the vocals of pop super-stars including, Bruno Mars, Maroon 5 and Katy Perry.

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