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Chace Audio Upgrades Premier Near Field Mix Room With The Addition Of DigiDesign ICON D-Command Control Surface

Chace Audio, a full service audio post production facility, has upgraded one of its premier near field mix suites – Studio R – with a 24-channel ICON D-Command™ control surface from DigiDesign. The console is supported by a Pro Tools® HD3 Accel system with 48 channels of I/O.

Chace is well-known in the fields of audio restoration and re-mastering. A variety of 5.1 soundtracks for acclaimed feature titles such as On The Waterfront, Dr. No and Raging Bull, as well as award-winning television series including Mission Impossible seasons 1 through 7, Twin Peaks, and 7.1 mixes for the current season of CSI, were all completed in Studio R. Other notable feature film projects mixed in the room include a 5.1 upmix of Steven Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind: 30th Anniversary Ultimate Edition (on Blu-ray), Midnight Express and extensive commercial and promo spot mixing.

The D-Command control surface allows Chace mixers to work more efficiently within a Pro Tools environment. The addition of the D-Command also complements substantial renovations to Studio R to make clients more comfortable. Improvements range from a redesign of the client space to feature an elevated platform, living-room style seating, new flooring, and more aesthetic lighting, to 1080P HD video projection onto a 10′ x 5½’ screen.

Studio R is configured for 5.1, 6.1 and 7.1 (with discrete side surrounds) and features Apogee, JBL and Bag End speakers. Monitoring is controlled via the D-Command using DigiDesign’s X-MON in conjunction with a RANE RPM 88 multi-processor for speaker equalization and calibration. Additional highlights include a JL Cooper Surround Panner, TC Electronics System 6000 reverb, DK Audio surround metering, SPL Vitalyzers and a wide array of Pro Tools plug-ins.

“We’re excited to augment our recent upgrades to Studio R with the addition of the new D-Command control surface,â€? says Chace Audio Mixing Engineer Greg Faust. “The combination of comfortable amenities and the latest technology pairs nicely with the collective knowledge of the Chace staff. Many notable film and television projects have been mixed with outstanding results in this studio. As 5.1 and the advent of 7.1 continue to transform the home theater experience, we look forward to welcoming clients to a comfortable and creative environment equipped to handle the latest audio requirements for broadcast, theatrical, Blu-ray and DVD applications.â€?

About Chace Audio

Chace Audio is a full service audio post production facility. In addition to the restoration, up-mixing, and re-mastering of film and television soundtracks, Chace provides transfers from 100+ formats, synchronization and vari-speed conforms/laybacks, multi-track mixing, Dolby® and DTS audio compression, music and effects construction, Foley/ADR recording, and optical soundtrack recording services.

Contact Chace Audio at: 201 S. Victory Blvd., Burbank, CA 91502-2349; Phone: (818) 842-8346; Fax: (818) 842-8353; Website: