Chace Audio Completes Substantial Renovation Of Premiere Mixing Stage

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Chace Audio, a full service audio post-production facility well known for sound preservation and restoration, has completed a substantial renovation to its famed Rick Chace Theatre that includes major aesthetic and technical improvements. Named for company founder and innovative audio pioneer Rick Chace, the spacious 850 square foot theatre opened in 1997 and has since garnered a notable reputation for the authenticity and fidelity of its restoration mixes. Lawrence of Arabia, The Sound of Music and Gone With the Wind are but a few of the hundreds of legendary titles that have been remixed for DVD and theatrical re-release in the theatre. The centerpiece of the Rick Chace Theatre is a fully automated 80-input Harrison Series 12 console that offers total recall for all mixing parameters, including Harrison’s heralded EQs and compressors. A unique feature of the Harrison is its analog signal path, which gives mixes a warmth and smoothness often lacking in other digital consoles. Ideal for posting mid-size features and creating theatrical print masters for new and restored films, the stage contains a 10’ x 18’ screen, as well as a full range of outboard gear including Lexicon 480L reverbs, SPL Vitalyzers, Dolby Cat 43s, Urei 1178s, Allison filters and more. A newly upgraded Pro Tools HD 3 Accel system featuring 96 outputs compliments the Harrison console to deliver a total of over 150 channels. Video playback is completely integrated with Pro Tools and is capable of playing back all resolutions of high-quality SD (Standard Definition) and HD (High Definition) video files. Aesthetic renovations to the Rick Chace Theatre include a new acoustic-tiled ceiling, attractive wall fabric, and new flooring. Two levels of client seating have been installed behind the mixing station to offer enhanced viewing, workspace and comfort. A spacious fourteen foot desk spans the first level, providing plenty of space for clients to work. The second level is equipped with reclining theatrical style seating that offers both a way to relax during sessions and a space to evaluate mixes with the comfort of a living room home theater environment. Renovations continue at the back of the Rick Chace Theatre where the Producers’ Room has been remodeled to include additional desk space, a large sofa, and a refrigerator fully-stocked with a wide selection of beverages. The Producers’ Room offers a quiet space for clients and guests to meet and converse during sessions and still view their ongoing work via a large window looking onto the stage. Wireless internet access in both areas keeps clients connected to their other projects and colleagues around the world. The new renovations further complement substantial refinements and upgrades to three of Chace Audio’s near-field mix studios. Completed last year, the studios are similarly designed to facilitate efficient project workflow and offer a more comfortable and creative work environment for staff and clients. These renovations included living-room style seating, new floors, aesthetic lighting, and new HD plasma displays and video projection. These near-field rooms offer superior mix capabilities up to 7.1 channels to support Blu-ray Disc and similar HD media. Recent projects completed in these studios include near-field mixes of The Notebook, The Upside of Anger, The Number 23, and Blade: The Series. “The technical and aesthetic refinements to the Rick Chace Theatre will deliver greater comfort and versatility to the diverse array of clients we serve,� says Bob Heiber, President of Chace Audio. “As attention now shifts to the emergence of Blu-ray and the advent of 7.1 multi-channel surround, there will remain a strong need for this expertise by studios in Hollywood and around the world. With the new renovations to our near-field mix rooms and the Rick Chace Theatre, Chace Audio will continue to deliver a range of innovative restoration and re-mastering services unmatched by anyone in the industry.� About Chace Audio Chace Audio is a full service audio post-production facility. In addition to the restoration, up-mixing, and re-mastering of film and television soundtracks, Chace provides transfer from nearly 100 formats, synchronization and varispeed conforms/laybacks, multi-track mixing, Dolby® AC-3, Dolby® True HD, DTS, DTS-HD audio compression, music and effects construction, Foley/ADR recording, and optical soundtrack recording services. Contact Chace Audio at: 201 S. Victory Blvd., Burbank, CA 91502-2349; Phone: (818) 842-8346; Fax: (818) 842-8353; Website:


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