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Canadian Post Market Heats Up for Digital Vision

Stockholm, Sweden- 16 May, 2007 – Digital Vision, a leading developer of advanced digital media applications for film and video, announced that leading Canadian post-production facilities in Toronto (Notch), Vancouver and Winnipeg (Frantic Films) have purchased Digital Vision systems to expand their Digital Intermediate and image enhancement services.

Notch recently purchased a DVNR 2k system to support the expansion of their services to include High Definition and over time, 2k. The newly-upgraded system, Notch‘s second DVNR, is equipped with the AGR4 HD option which adds adaptive film grain management and noise reduction to the system‘s precision image enhancement capabilities. The new DVNR system is currently in service in Notch‘s Toronto facility as part of the overall film-to-tape finishing process for HD projects–primarily commercial work.

Frantic Films, a leading provider of VFX, live action and commercial production services to global motion picture, television broadcasters, advertising and media clients, recently purchased a Nucoda Data Conform system for its Vancouver, British Columbia facility–augmenting its two existing Data Conform systems in Winnipeg, Manitoba and Los Angeles, California. A complete conforming and editing solution, the Data Conform system is used primarily to assemble data files into completed sequences for review within a visual effects pipeline. Frantic Films has already put its newest system into service on projects including the upcoming stereo 3-D epic, Journey 3-D.

Mike Shand, Visual Effects Supervisor at Frantic Films, said, “Nucoda Data Conform allows us to maintain a complete 2K stereo edit for hourly reviews. Updating shots, scrubbing, version comparison and color scrutiny are all made simple using this system. Combining this with dual HD projectors and passive stereo glasses gives us full 24fps per eye, perfectly in synch. Nucoda Data Conform is an integral component to our pipeline and daily review process.”

Digital Vision President and COO, Simon Cuff, said, “The worldwide transition to HD and file-based workflows is in full swing and we‘re seeing demand for 3-D film post-production tools rise steadily. Facilities upgrading their telecines to HD and their pipelines to data-centric processes need conforming and finishing tools that interoperate within these workflows. We‘re continually developing our Nucoda and DVNR product lines for greater collaboration to ensure that our customers can execute new workflows successfully.”

About Digital Vision

Digital Vision provides innovative image restoration, enhancement, colour correction and data conforming systems that major movie studios, television networks and post-production facilities use to produce and enhance feature films, TV programs and commercials. The company‘s Nucoda product line provides a strong suite of products for the burgeoning digital intermediate 2k/4k market. The company‘s award-winning products are a standard of the media & entertainment industry and are deployed at top facilities around the world.

Digital Vision AB was founded in 1988 and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with two wholly owned subsidiaries, Digital Vision (US) in Los Angeles, California, and Digital Vision UK in London, England. The company maintains its global presence through a network of qualified distributors. Digital Vision is listed on the Stockholm stock exchange. For further information, go to