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CAMTROL: New Product For Action Shots

Stabilizing and Manipulating Features Provide Matchless Control For Action Shots by Videographers and Photographers

Simple in its genius, practical in its applications, Camtrol lifts all limitations caused by the restricted mobility and movement of other devices. Camtrol, the state-of-the-art stabilizing platform for video and DSLR cameras, is now available to the prosumer and consumer markets, according to Ron Rowen, president of Camtrol. Following a “no rules, only tools,� philosophy, Camtrol opens a new world of Balance, Support, and Freedom for action shots taken by videographers and photographers.

Camtrol’s action control grip (ACG) with its anatomical articulating ergonomics provides for natural hand positioning and control. The ACG has a hollow inside, which accommodates any remote—putting control of the camera always under the thumb of the shooter. Camtrol with a remote is a one-handed operation giving the user the liberty to take any shot without restriction, and it works for right- and left-handed shooters.

“Control is always in front of the person, rather than the typical camera-next-to-the-head position, which is so uncomfortable for any period of time,� said Camtrol inventor Jonathan Rowen. “This heads-up display allows looking at what one is shooting, and giving freedom to move the camera.�

Balance by using Camtrol’s centering platform channels gives the shooter perfect centering that keeps Camtrol level and easy to handle. Camtrol’s platform also adds critical weight for video and DSLR’s that are too light to give the shooter stability, The user can—“on the move�—take low angle or overhead shots without having to bend low or stand on a riser to shoot over crowds..

The cushioned platform prevents camera slippage and unwanted vibration. Its sturdy T-6 aluminum body serves as additional protection and support in case the video/camera is dropped. In addition to serving as an editing stand, the swing-out quad pod legs benefit the user by giving him a quick and safe way of putting his equipment down and resetting Camtrol into another position.

Three 360-degree rotating ball joints can quickly convert from one use to the next in a multitude of configurations. A vertical stabilizing bar enables Camtrol to be comfortable in any primary position by getting the center of gravity properly adjusted, which helps with posture and the videographer/photographer can comfortably remain upright. Additionally with its vertical stabilizing arm Camtrol can function as a two-handed grip for extra stability.

Camtrol is priced from $399.99. For more information on the company and product, visit