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Cabinet NG Creates New Class of Web-Based Document Management with CNG-WEB

Enhancements Offer Added Convenience and Flexibility for Remote Users

Huntsville, AL – June 6, 2011 – Cabinet NG (CNG), provider of document management and workflow management software, today announced new enhancements to CNG-WEB, moving CNG-SAFE into a new class of document management in terms of convenience and flexibility. CNG-WEB is an optional module that enables users to manage and file documents on a premises based server and/or online (as a hosted/SaaS subscription) using a standard browser interface. Because there is no software to install, CNG-WEB makes it easier to deploy CNG-SAFE functionality across multiple locations. Whether you are traveling, visiting a customer, or working late from home, CNG-WEB will allow you to connect to CNG-SAFE from a computer with a browser and an Internet connection.

Initially released as a browser interface for document viewing, CNG-WEB evolved and currently supports viewing, creating, editing, routing, and scanning documents. In addition to ironclad security controls of the CNG-SAFE repository, encryption protects data in transit and at rest when used with a CNG-ONLINE subscription. The result is a fully functional and highly secure system designed for use over the Internet.

The new check in/out capabilities allows authorized users to edit documents. System features such as: retention, version control and audit are fully supported, making it a cost effective approach to making documents and workflow processes available across multiple people in an organization.

“CNG-WEB’s full featured browser interface puts CNG’s document management platform in the enviable position of meeting the demand for complete document management using a standard browser or traditional client interface,” said Andrew Bailey, president of CNG.

CNG-WEB also introduced an improved methodology for document templates that further simplify the filing process, ensuring consistent filing across the entire system. The new methodology applies business filing policies that are automatically evoked and can reduce the user input activity to simply selecting the folder through CNG-WEB.

Streamlining CNG-WEB to better accommodate high volume users extends the scalability of the entire system. Larger clients, filing documents across hundreds of thousands of folders, will appreciate the performance enhancements and rapid pull-down refreshes of CNG-WEB. For cabinets with over 5,000 folders, folder selection time is over 100 times faster than the previous version.

Availability and Pricing
CNG-WEB is currently included with CNG’s hosted SaaS offering called CNG-ONLINE at no additional cost or for $2,995 when used with a premises based server running CNG-SAFE.

To learn more about using CNG-WEB or other CNG products in your business or organization, call 800-621-6501, email

, or visit


About Cabinet NG:
Cabinet NG (CNG)’s document management software moves manual paper-based processes into efficient electronic workflows. Its user-friendly products streamline user tasks, delivering gains in office/field productivity and bottom-line savings. CNG’s intuitive workflow and scheduling supports secure collaboration allowing users across the company to accomplish tasks more efficiently with centrally managed and instantly accessible documents. Advanced integration technology ensures smooth workflow and seamless connection to many existing Windows-based business applications. CNG also provides industry specific configurations to help industry verticals more quickly attain a paperless office that scales with business growth. Products can be installed locally or online in a hosted SaaS configuration. CNG’s hosed subscription model eliminates the need to purchase software and server hardware, but maintains all features and functionality of a locally installed configuration. For more information, visit



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