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Bright Systems and DFT Digital Film Technology Announce Technology Partnership to Supply Integrated File-Based Workflows for Digital Post

Las Vegas NV — Bright Systems, Inc., developer of advanced file management technology for media, and DFT Digital Film Technology (, provider of high-end post production solutions, are announcing a joint technology partnership at NAB 2010 <> enabling both companies to work together to supply tightly integrated post-production workflows tailored to meet the individual requirements of their joint customers. Bright Systems’ BrightDrive <> network file server will be at the heart of the workflows, attached to post solutions from DFT’s product portfolio of film scanners and software solutions. Together, they will provide powerful, fully-featured post-production workflows that deliver advanced system performance.

The collaboration between Bright’ and DFT was forged in 2008 when DFT announced its support for BrightDrive’s BrightClip <> ® API to boost overall system efficiency. DFT has integrated the BrightDrive BrightClip API support into its Bones Dailies non-linear dailies software solution and SCANITY film scanner.

“Facilities are always looking to improve productivity and profit margins while providing their clients with uncompromised quality and the best possible operator experience,” said Stefan Kramper, Managing Director of DFT Digital Film Technology. “Our partnership with Bright has resulted in strong compatibility between our technologies, and supports a workflow-orientated, end-to-end concept.  It will enable our joint customers to benefit not only from the advanced functionality of our products but also from the collaborative Bright/DFT workflow that has been proven to yield the highest possible levels of productivity.”

“We are delighted to have extended our working relationship with DFT Digital Film Technology and look forward to jointly reaching out to the international post community,” said Antony Harris, CEO, Bright Systems, Inc. “By choosing workflow solutions from Bright and DFT, our customers will realize significant business benefits through workflow efficiencies, cooperative support, and overall improvement in client satisfaction.”

DFT is also announcing the completion of a Bright/DFT integrated digital post solution at its new demonstration suite in Weiterstadt, Germany. The suite offers visitors the opportunity to gain hands-on experience using a BrightDrive network file server connected to a Bones Dailies non-linear dailies system and SCANITY film scanner.

Bright Systems and DFT Digital Film Technology have a number of shared customers including Waterfront Studios in South Africa. Waterfront Studios, one of Africa’s most influential facilities, is using a BrightDrive media file server and two Bones Dailies non-linear dailies solutions in its Cape Town head office. The combined solution provides Waterfront Studios with a highly advanced dailies management and transfer process. Operators scan film via a Spirit DataCine® and Bones Dailies directly onto the BrightDrive in 2K or HD 4:4:4. The media is available immediately to all operators on the network for Best Light color correction, audio syncing, logging and laying off to SD tape, DVD, file based video (Avid DNXHD or FCP QuickTime), and HD master tape, simultaneously as digital dailies. This ‘scan once’ data-centric approach to the workflow gives unprecedented levels of productivity and flexibility at a low cost of ownership where operators are able to begin work as soon as the content is in the system.

Bones Dailies integrates seamlessly with the Spirit DataCine and SCANITY film scanner, and together they create a file-based non-linear dailies infrastructure that allows operators to work on multiple feature film projects concurrently. Bones Dailies manages the entire dailies process, from ingest to the creation of fully graded, fully logged, fully sound synchronized high quality dailies. Image and audio synchronization is semi-automatic, and color decisions used for dailies can be carried through to the DI stage, utilizing the American Society of Cinematographers Color Decision List (ASC CDL). Bones Dailies records HD or 2K RGB 10-bit 4:4:4 images directly to the BrightDrive server. Playout at full bandwidth from Bones Dailies is immediately available at the same high quality as the content that originally came off the scanner.

Minimizing time from ingest to delivery, BrightDrive network file servers deliver unlimited streams of real-time film and video up to 4K resolution allowing teams of creative professionals to access, share and work on the same media files concurrently. This means that even with the most complex projects, facility managers no longer have to spend time copying files between applications or wait for time consuming maintenance procedures to complete before media can proceed through the workflow.

BrightDrive/DFT Digital Film Technology integrated workflow solutions are available immediately from Bright Systems and DFT as well as from their respective global network of business partners.

About DFT Digital Film Technology
DFT Digital Film Technology Weiterstadt GmbH provides high-end post production solutions for a variety of commercial media, film and content markets including; film studios, broadcast operations, and post production facilities.  DFT products include the SCANITY™ Film Scanner, Spirit family of DataCines® and Telecines, Shadow Telecine, Scream grain reducer, LUTher color calibration tool, Bones digital intermediate (DI) workflow solution and Bones Dailies non-linear dailies software solution.   The entire DFT team is highly regarded within the industry and is dedicated to uncompromised product and technology development, as well as superior sales and support services.  DFT Digital Film Technology is headquartered in Weiterstadt, Germany and has regional offices in London, Paris, Sydney, Bangkok, Chicago, Salt Lake City and Los Angeles. DFT is independently owned by PARTER Capital Group, a Frankfurt, Germany private equity investment group.  For more information please visit: