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Bright Showcases Latest Advanced File Management Products for Media Workflows at NAB 2010

BrightDrive Enables Content Creators to Benefit from Lower Operational Costs

Las Vegas, NV, April 12, 2010,

Bright Systems, Inc., developer of advanced file management technology for media, is showcasing its latest range of advanced file management products at NAB 2010 (booth #SL8520). BrightDrive™ G2 and BrightDrive G2 Pro network file servers, and Bright’s Data Wrangler file manager have been designed specifically for the special requirements of the media and entertainment industry, bringing high level performance and predictability to workflows, and enabling content creators to benefit from a range of cost savings in their ongoing operational processes.

BrightDrive’s High-Level System Performance Delivers Superior Workflow Productivity

Unlike traditional IT-based file server solutions, BrightDrive’s core technology has been developed to manage the data-intensive workflows used in DI and digital post. Operators using any popular creative application can access and work on 4K and HD media in real-time working directly from BrightDrive. Teams can share media without the need for file copying, thereby saving time and improving efficiency through the elimination of laborious manual processes. Playback of the media from BrightDrive to the creative applications is smooth and jitter-free, providing stability to system performance at all times.

“The media and entertainment industry requires efficient, automated file-based infrastructures that allow teams of operators to focus on creative tasks without interference from the technology,� said Antony Harris, CEO, Bright Systems, Inc. “Because BrightDrive G2 and G2 Pro are designed specifically for media workflows, our customers and their customers are able to achieve the best possible operator experience using their favorite applications at the lowest total operational cost.�

The latest BrightDrive systems enable content creators to achieve real cost-savings from their workflows through their use of advanced file management technology. This provides a range of features designed to maintain maximum system performance levels, even when the throughput of data is at its highest. BrightDrive’s patent-pending disk format technology optimizes the way media is recorded onto disk, thereby reducing the occurrence of data randomization which causes erratic and unpredictable system performance. Data randomization is an industry-wide problem that necessitates costly, time-consuming system downtime in order to restore operational performance. BrightDrive users are able to make significant savings by reducing the need for unplanned downtime.

Similarly, BrightDrive sophisticated server management and diagnostic software enables users to gain further cost savings by increasing the period between planned downtime. BrightDrive’s system-level diagnostic software also extends to attached clients, thereby providing additional troubleshooting functionality and helping operators to maximize their use of the creative applications’ toolsets. Other system performance features include internal software support, secure interface for remote technical support and email system alerts, all of which provide users with the assurance of system integrity.

BrightDrive G2 and G2 Pro network file servers are compatible with all leading file-based media applications and file formats including DPX, OpenEXR and Quicktime, and all RAW formats from digital cinematography cameras, and support all media workflows including commercials, animation, DI, dailies, restoration and VFX.

Data Wrangler Demonstrated at NAB 2010

Also at NAB 2010, Bright is demonstrating its Data Wrangler file manager. Designed specifically for the media and entertainment industry, Data Wrangler® greatly out-performs standard OS file managers by using a combination of multi-threaded DMA I/O and pre-allocation APIs. It includes many features that benefit file-based media operations, including support for sequences and extreme-performance transfers.

With Data Wrangler, file sequences are displayed as a single item and can be easily copied or moved as a unit. Breaks in sequences are easy to identify and sequences can be renamed or renumbered in-place using a renamer facility. Metadata such as timecode and image resolution information are displayed automatically for supported file types. Users are able to select multiple clips and files from across all visible drives, and drop them to a single target. This is particularly useful when selecting elements from a variety of sources for a single project folder in advance of an online session. In addition, Data Wrangler’s audit logging facility records actions and operations, providing a permanent record of project activity.


About Bright
Bright Systems, Inc. was founded in 1999 to address the emerging and highly technical demands of file management in the professional media and entertainment industry. Its investment and commitment to core research and development has produced a portfolio of file server (SAN/NAS), file management, and portable disk solutions and services that delivers the highest possible levels of stability and efficiency to media file-based operations looking to achieve a significant competitive advantage. Bright’s products and services can be tailored to customers’ requirements and are supported by one of the most experienced integration and service teams in the industry. Bright collaborates with many industry leading application providers and works closely with a global network of channel partners, resellers and other technology suppliers to support best-of-breed integrated file-based infrastructure solutions. Bright’s philosophy: Do more with less! Head Office: 5301 Longley Lane D157, Reno, Nevada, USA. t: +1 775 824 8520

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