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Bright Introduces New Technologies Taking BrightDrive to a Wider Range of Digi

Bright Systems is demonstrating new technologies at IBC 2007 which increase the applicability of its BrightDrive shareable media store within the digital post and broadcasting markets. Shown for the first time at IBC, the new technologies make BrightDrive a highly compelling option for higher end post applications, and for broadcasting workflows where large numbers of lower resolution data streams are more frequently required. The new technologies also enable Bright to dramatically increase the value of BrightDrive by adding more real-time media sharing functions at a lower price point.

“Bright is constantly developing and refining its media sharing technology to add functionality, accessibility and performance for the benefit of the digital post and broadcasting community,” said Antony Harris, CEO, Bright Systems, Inc. “At IBC 2007 we are introducing powerful new functionality that addresses all applications using multiple streams of 4K, 2K, HD444, HD 422, compressed HD, and compressed and uncompressed SD.”

For high-end digital post applications, Bright Systems is demonstrating BrightDrive incorporating new functionality enabling it to play more streams at the same time from the same workspace. For the first time, customers will be able to play 4 streams of 2K from a single workspace. This increases the maximum number of data streams available from Bright‘s largest capacity BrightDrive, the PRO16, to 64 streams of 2K, making it the most powerful media sharing system on the market.

For workflows requiring lower resolutions, for example, uncompressed HD 422 to compressed HD and SD applications, the new technology enables BrightDrive to deliver superior disk recording and media playback at a much reduced entry level price.

All BrightDrive systems shipping from September 7, 2007, will incorporate the new technologies in addition to secure, remote distributed system diagnostics to ensure reliable, consistent and uninterrupted system performance. BrightDrive is available from Bright Systems and from Bright‘s international network of business partners.


About Bright Systems

Bright Systems was founded in 1999 to design and develop advanced infrastructure systems for data-intensive environments. Based in Reno, Nevada, a centre associated with important milestones in the development of video disk recording, Bright Systems provides a range of extremely high-performance file servers capable of record/playback of real-time uncompressed video and data streams. With its unique expertise in advanced engineering and facility integration/workflow, Bright Systems is able to deliver a significant competitive edge to the post production industry.