Brickyard VFX Creates 360° Experience to Tease ABC’s “The Crossing” at Comic-Con International

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Los Angeles, CA (July 28, 2017) — Brickyard VFX provided full production through delivery services on a new live action 360° experience for ABC’s upcoming series “The Crossing.” The experience debuted at Comic-Con International in San Diego, July 20-23, giving attendees an early glimpse at the mysterious new series before its premiere later this year.

In “The Crossing,” refugees fleeing war end up washing ashore in a small American town – but the refugees are future Americans, escaping from a war taking place over 150 years from now. To create a tension-filled immersive 360° experience, ABC turned to Brickyard VFX, who executed the production and post. The 360° experience puts viewers in the heart pumping shoes of one of the show’s refugee characters as they struggle to survive while ascending through open water, rising past personal trinkets such as a locket and sunglasses, before surfacing near the coast and hearing police chatter in the distance. Comic-Con attendees entered a custom room with floor-to-ceiling LED panels on all sides and experienced the character’s plight as a unique way of introduction to the series.

“We’ve collaborated with ABC several times on promo content for ‘Designated Survivor’ that aired during the Oscars, and on promos for the Billboard Music Awards, so they knew our work and trusted us to execute this unique project,” shared Brickyard VFX Managing Partner Steve Michaels. “Our production team – led by co-directors and co-DPs Patrick Poulatian and David Blumenfeld – worked together to replicate the Pacific Northwest setting of the show in production, and then delivered full post from stitching to color correction to adding custom CG elements and enhancements.”

Poulatian and Blumenfeld chose the Northern California location of Fort Bragg/Mendocino to match the coastal footage in the show, and worked with cameraman and free diver (i.e. no oxygen tank or other scuba gear) Anlo Sepulveda to have the footage mimic the rapid ascent that the refugee characters would have actually experienced. Shooting on the six-camera Kolor Abyss underwater virtual reality (VR) rig with GoPro Hero 4 Black cameras, the team captured the footage and stitched it together with Orah’s Video Stitch Studio v2, with color correction performed in Autodesk Flame. Artists also created and rendered numerous CG elements using Autodesk Maya and Redshift 3D, including a locket that ties into the pilot episode.

“Capturing 360° footage in an open ocean underwater environment was both challenging and exciting”, said Blumenfeld. “Finding the right combination of water clarity, a calm swell, sunlight to permeate the surface, and an unobstructed coastline, all while working to keep the diver and boat as small in the shot as possible, were some of the challenges on this shoot. Thanks to a team of solid professionals, we were able to accomplish our goals and focus on making the experience immersive and conveying the human tension that is a hallmark of the series.”

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Client: ABC

Creative Director: Keith Grant

Design Director: Lucas Aragon

Art Director: Monica Helberg

Production: Brickyard

Co-Director, Co-DP: Patrick Poulatian

Co-Director, Co-DP: David Blumenfeld

Camera Operator: Anlo Sepulveda

Executive Producer: Steve Michaels

Producer: Britney Frandsen

Production Coordinator: Mira Beyeler

Post: Brickyard VFX

CG Lead: David Blumenfeld

Lead VFX Artist: Mandy Sorenson

VFX Artist: Patrick Poulatian

VFX Artist: Gurvand Tanneau

Lead Motion Graphics Artist: Anton Thallner

Producer: Britney Frandsen