Integrated content studio Brickyard Filmworks recently teamed with agency Wolfgang on a 5-spot campaign to promote merchandise tied to Universal’s blockbuster “Jurassic World.” Directed by Brickyard’s Benji Davidson, the “Jurassic Your World” campaign is available online in global markets including the U.S., U.K., Australia, Japan, Mexico, China, France, and Brazil.

Each “Jurassic Your World” spot features a different dinosaur-centric moment from the film, cleverly transitioning to a more relatable real-life version, covering scenarios such as snack time, bed time, and birthday parties. The Brickyard Filmworks team shot over two days on location in Pasadena, working with 18 kids across the variety of spots, and photographed all product shots in-house. Brickyard Filmworks’ sister company Brickyard VFX integrated the live action with footage from the film provided by Universal, and completed all finishing.

“There were a lot of moving parts and a short timetable for this project, and having both production and post under one house through the Brickyard family was a huge benefit to keeping everything on track,” shared Davidson.

“The whole team was a pleasure to work with, from Universal to Wolfgang,” added Steve Michaels, Managing Director at Brickyard Filmworks. “It was a blast working on this campaign and making all these fun family scenarios come to life.”

View the spots here:

Jurassic Your Cliffhanger:

Jurassic Your Snack:

Jurassic Your Surprise:

Jurassic Your Escape:

Jurassic Your Bedtime:

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Credits: “Jurassic Your World”

Client: Universal

Agency: Wolfgang

Production Company: Brickyard Filmworks

Director: Benji Davidson

Managing Director: Steve Michaels

Editor: Andrew Leggett

Assistant Editor: Tom Salvaggio

Post: Brickyard VFX

VFX Artist: Benji Davidson

Motion Graphics Artist: Anton Thallner

Producer: Britney Frandsen